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  1. Cabo San Lucas

    Beautiful place. I wouldn't go in August or September. Those are the only two hot months. Other than that is is always around 85 and no humidity. If you go between, I think its January and March the Whales mirgrate there. It is an amazing thing to see. There is also a Sea Lion colony you can snorkel to. There are plenty of bars like Cabo Wabo (Sammy Hagar's place). Also, your money goes a long way!! I highly reccomend Cabo. Make sure you stay in Cabo San Lucas and not San Jose Del Cabo. If you stay anywhere in Cabo you are in walking distance to everything. If you stay further out you need to cab it everywhere. Cabo is very different than any other part of Mexico! You can PM me if you want more info!
  2. seaside clubs?

    EXCUSE ME!! THERE IS ONLY ONE QUEEN!!!!! BITCH!!!! So why don't you two just get a room and get it over with already!!!
  3. Café con Leche (Saturdays)

    Exactly my thoughts!!! People should really come up with their own names for parties. You cannot compare anything to REAL Cafe!!!!
  4. comic sans ms You just can't win!! If you would like I would be happy to be your anger mgmt. teacher seeing as I handle anger SO well!! LOL!!!!!!!!! You just keep getting
  5. I am Kosta P.......

    Wow, all that work just to respond to me. Your brain must be aching like your ass from Laurie's strap on. I could swear I saw you sucking cock for a nickel outside Club USA back in the day in order to bribe the bouncer to let you pathetic ass in. And still couldn't get in!! So why don't you go back to your job as a jizz mopper at the peep show!! That is a great job you got!! Way to contribute to socitey! Mom must be proud! :laugh: BTW, is there a thread on this board you don't post something on?? GET A LIFE!!!
  6. I am Kosta P.......

    You seem to like the C word. I guess you get used to it when that is how people describe your girls. I thought that handicaped stall was reserved for your good friend whorieLaurie69. Then again that may be your office. We know how those greeks like it rammed up the poop shute!!! Do you like to give or recieve. I heard you like to take it in the ass!! I am 30 and proud of it!!! I have plenty to show for my life and it just keeps getting better, baby! But you wouldn't know what the ture spirit of the club scene was because you were busy jerking off dreaming about getting out of highschool. Now how about that warm glass of SHUT THE HELL UP!!! :spank: :whip2: :swallow: :jerkoff: Kosta's life!!
  7. I am Kosta P.......

    TIRED!! That is the only word to describe you and your whores. 26 prime are you fucking kidding me? Last I read men peak at the age of 18, so hunny you are way past your expiration date! Time to toss you in the dumps with the spoiled milk and rotten eggs. You should fit in nicely with them!
  8. I am Kosta P.......

    Wow you really put me in my place! The only tear in my eye is from the stench coming from your ass! Jealous of you HA HA HA HA. What is there to be jealous of? You are just upset because your glory days are behind you and you are the one clinging to them. The "bitches" as you call us have grown up but could still teach you a thing or two. Just remember you were in diapers when we were in our hayday! Doesn't mean the party is over at 30, it just keeps getting better, baby!! But you wouldn't know anything about older women becuase you like children/ whores/ losers. Don't sweat the techinque! Now run along the school bell rang.... Class dismissed!! :bowdown: :boohoo: How did that one feel??
  9. I am Kosta P.......

    This is what I used to look like but now I am the tidy bowl man!! LOL!!! I think I am cool because I hang out with Petey K. and I am in my mid 20's and still act like I am 18 WHAHOOO!!! I think that I am cool because think I am the king of the CP boards. I post everyday because I have nothing better to do. I am cool because I stay out all night like a common crackhead! GEE, Sin, Trikki and I just wish we could be like you. But you just don't have blue blood baby. Get on your knees and bow to us!!! That is where you belong!
  10. Actually Sin, I think it was the tidy bowl man that wants his look back. Ahhh now that feels better. Now you are where you belong. In the sewer like the women in your closet! Don't even get me started on stalkers!!! Thats a picture of your ex!!! Whores r us called they want your black book!
  11. Losing my touch.... You wish you knew what my touch felt like! As for age, baby its just a state of mind. I may be older but I don't look it. I am not the one who uses turtle wax in the morning as hair gel! :laugh:
  12. TAKE IT EASY!! MR METRO!!! How can you talk with your lips sewn onto Pety's cock? Do you spit or swallow? I am no ones side kick unlike yourself!! So why don't you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself? :jerkoff:
  13. I see this one getting ugly! Sin give him hell!!!!!!!!!!!! :laugh:
  14. I really wanted to go but just didn't have the energy. I am very curious to hear some reviews.....

    I would want to start a fight with everyone too if I looked like the tidybowl man with that head! He really apmlifies the Jersey stereotype! Now I am really am ashamed to tell people I am from Jersey. I don't think people realize that the ENTIRE country saw this awful depiction of our state! He should be voted out of the state!!! We should send him to live with the Simple life family!! That will teach him!! Let him live in the middle of no where and see how tough he is, maybe he can bully the cows! :vomit3: :jerkoff: