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  1. Pvd @ Lax 2/6

    Anybody going to this. Know what set times usually are there? I'll be travelling in from NYC for this. Dress code? Thanks!
  2. Pvd @ Ice - 12/30/05

    Thanks - I figure if I can get this 7pm flight out of NY and land in Vegas at 10pm, I can shag ass over to ICE and be on line by 11.30. I just emailed the VIP host at ICE and he says PVD would prob go on 2-5. I'd rather just drop the cash, get in quick and hassle free, get my drink on and let Paul kick my ass. Thanks again - hope to see some of you [email protected]
  3. Pvd @ Ice - 12/30/05

    Great - thanks for the response........ Do lines get ridiculously long out there as well. If your not on line here an hour before the doors open for PVD, you're looking at a 3 hour wait.
  4. Pvd @ Ice - 12/30/05

    Hey all - just saw this on his website...... Couple things - thinking about coming in from NY for this and can't get into Vegas until 10pm. What time do the "headliners" usually go on at ICE and how long a set do they spin over there? Do they offer VIP/bottle service so I can just go right to the front of line, etc? How much. If I have to go right from the airport to the club, I want shit to go smooth and waiting on a line for hours (PVD here in NY gets ridiculously long) is not something I want to do. Thanks in advance.
  5. Trip Report 7/7 - 7/10

    Not in NY. LA maybe, not here.
  6. PVD @ Ice 6/15/05

    Hey guys - just saw this posted on van Dyk's website. A couple questions for the locals regarding this as I'm thinking about making the trip from NY. 1st - ticket prices usually for events like this... 2nd - dress code (i'm usually a nice jeans and nice sneakers/t-shirt kinda guy) 3rd - PVD gets RIDICULOUSLY overcrowded here in NY, therefore, do they offer bottle service - if so, how much, details? Thanks in advance. He was just here at Crobar 2 weeks ago and literally tore that place up. (I've been following him since 00 back in his Twilo days and this was definitely a Top 3 set from him) Hope to see you there!
  7. Satellite is sold out....could this be?? Can someone help me out. Thanks
  8. June 8 & June 9

    I'll be in Chicago these two nites. Anyone special going to be in town? What's the scene going to be like these two nites?
  9. PVD 6/15 @ Giant

    WIll there be ticket sales for this???? What is the dress code and what is security like at this place??
  10. Your punctuation and grammar is very good for someone who was soooooo drunk
  11. PVD Song ID

    His encore song, right after For An Angel. I think he also played this earlier in the night also. Thanks
  12. Dress Code @ Avalon

    what about shorts; very, very long shorts????
  14. Dress Code @ Avalon

  15. Question about Avalon

    I'll be coming up from NYC to see PVD on 8/10 and I already have my tix. My question is, what is the dress code, if any? Thanks.