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  1. Afterhours in Boston?

    Cheers, ritchie! ------------------ Why don't you believe? --------------- [email protected]
  2. Afterhours in Boston?

    RISE. I want in. Help please. [email protected]
  3. know anyone in south carolina? help me...no clue

    I've just moved from North Carolina and I can offer you a litte info. There's not much in terms of established clubs aside from Booty and Top 40. There are 'raves' almost every weekend in Upstate SC (Greenville, Spartanburg). They go all night and sometimes cost upwards of $25, not too many big name DJ's, Icey is about is big as they get, not many people over the age of 25. Charlotte throws some good parties too. Hope this helps, if you need any specifics, just ask. Cheers j
  4. Afterhours in Boston?

    I'm new to Boston enjoy the place for the most part, but does everything have to close at 2? I know that there are some member-only afterhour clubs with no alcohol but a good party. Can somebody please clue me in to where they ard and the specs on membership? Thanks a pillion, j