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  1. any1 going to Jr. Bday at exit

    Junior is coming on at 1am, not 3am - thank God. I just got off the phone with Exit/Earth. What sucks is it is $50 in advance for tickets and $60 at the door. He better make it worth it!!!!!
  2. Denny - One more request. I am not sure if you have heard of this song - So in love with Two by Makaila. The Hex Hector mix of this is incredible! I waiting 20 minutes for a girl to get out of the tanning bed to find out what she was playing!!! We are so psyched! See you tomorrow night! Saleen351 - Thanks for the compliment hon, they are great for a girls self confidence. Especially one who has a perfect hubby to keep up with! I appreciate it.
  3. Denny - first let me tell you the 4 songs I have not seen requested that I would die to hear: First and foremost, Live for Love by Reina. This is my favorite club song ever and I have only heard it once in a club, and it wasn't Temps so it doesn't count. Next, are equal in my book - two from Wicked Sounds 99 - Share the Love by Andrea Martin and Hurt me so Bad by LuLu, are both awesome! Of Course, Missing You by Kim English and Weep by Blazen? What can I say, I am a girl. Another we also have to hear Found a Cure by Ultra Nate - the song that everyone else here is calling Feels like I am going crazy. Common People, don't you own a CD from 1998? Others include most that you have already seen here - Lover that you are - Pulse HOuse of Joy - VSR Just be Good to me Find another woman - another great Reina The ORIGINAL Tamperer - my husband asked you for it a few weeks ago and you did not have it, you played one, but, it did not compare to what you used to play. Let the Sunshine and I could not end without asking for you to play my hubby's favorite - THE DENNY TSETTOS VERSION OF MOVING UP, remember, you laugh at him every time you play this cause he practically jumps off the STAGE!! Thanks Denny - whatever you choose - WE ARE EXCITED - THIS WILL BE A BLAST!!!