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  1. What Keeps U Goin' Back 4 More?

    Thanx for the feedback pplz... greatly appreciate it... Karisma bought a good point that I kinda wanted more ppl to bring up about the club'z general layout. You know most of them clubz out there have the same setup and it gets a little boring: u got the dancefloor, the bar, the seats, the booth, and the vip/lounge areas. Wouldn't it be great to have some far out thingz incorporated, that would enhance the experience? I heard in Ibiza, they have flooded dancefloors, like shin deep. I know it's a little outta the question for NYC cuz of the grime factor, but still, soundz wild. Or maybe if you could dance to a view of the skyline, outside or inside. That could be a different feel. I dunno, but, these kinda ideas and wishful thinkin' is what'd I'd like to hear from yallz... Whaddaya say?
  2. What Keeps U Goin' Back 4 More?

    Thanx for the feedback pplz.... appreciate it! I see that no one has mentioned anything about decor... except about the vip sections, which is very true... I think that almost all the clubs are very similar in the way they look: the dancefloor, the seats, the lights, and the bars. Wouldn't you guys love it if something different came along in the setup? Like I heard in Ibiza they have water in the clubs... like shin deep i think... that'd be quite an experience, or how about if somehow, you could see outside while you dance, like the skies and the streets, wouldn't that be neat? I dunno, this was kinda what I was mostly wonderin' about.... What would you guys like to see different??
  3. Waddup CP?! Jus wondering... What makes a club great? What would you like to see in a club that would make it great?
  4. Yo, whaddap CP?! Jus wondering.... What factors or combination of factors, to you, make a club great? What is it that keeps you going back for more? & What would you like to see different at clubs?
  5. Is Factory Open??

    Aight, so SF IS open on Saturdaze till 2pm Sundaze??? (Wurd!) Any of u know if da party'z still bumpin there? Cuz the last time I went (2 or 3 weekz ago), it seemed a little hurt... a little less crowded than usual..
  6. Webster Hall 3/27 - 3/29

  7. Thurzdaze

    Wassup party pplz??? I know the its gonna be bumpin bumpin bumpin @ NV next week... but jus' wonderin' where da pre-/after party's at on Thursday nitez... don't matter if it's a lounge/club whatever... prefer 21+ and mix of trance/house/techno and hip hop or jus trance/houze/techno...good lookin' out...
  8. Webster Hall 3/20 - 3/22

    Yo, everytime i bring ladies to dis place, the grand ballroom is why we go cuz (with the exception of the salsa and hip hip roomz) the DJ blowz... Now, your flyerz n adz say that it's open, but it never is. WTF? Thinkin maybe it was just that nite, we went back and it still wasnt open! What's da deal man? That's some BS advertisin'.... They need some better muzik up in that jawn too if u tryin to get more peepz to support yallz...