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  1. Who do you miss?????

    Jesus this place is still alive. I wonder how many grandfathers/mothers are on here.
  2. yo Smokesum...

  3. WTF. Is everyone still alive? Who got divorced? How many kids do people have? Is Evan still looking for that cell phone? What about the broad that did online porn?
  4. Hellooo anyone out thereeee?

    The sex board was a train wreck everyday too. I remember when we moved the drug board to the London board. I wonder what happened to bumpdaddy?
  5. Another spending spree by the Yanks

    I think they are still under what their payroll was last year though, so it is really the same thing. I bet CC will be 400 lbs and on the DL by 2011. Tex is a beast though
  6. Roberts vs. Cano

    Huh? You claimed that that the west was the best in like june. You also said something like the padres rotation would dominate in the AL and that was with maddux and fat boy wells. The rockies got smoked in the world series and if toronto or the angels or any other middle of the road AL team was in that terrible division that year they would of won the division by 20 games.
  7. Roberts vs. Cano

    Brady and mcnabb played football with one. Pussy. I am just fuckin around calling him a pussy, I have had a hernia and it sucks.
  8. Roberts vs. Cano

    kinsler could be done for the year with a sports hernia. Fuckin pussy.
  9. Roberts vs. Cano

    I almost root for cano now. Almost.
  10. Roberts vs. Cano

    Listen I understand what you are saying about him hitting lower in the lineup but on this team, just like youk this year for the sox, he is more valuable down in the order. If he was hitting better earlier in the year (when the yanks had injuries) I bet he would of been in the three spot, where I think he would be for most teams. Pedroia is a stud, honestly.
  11. Roberts vs. Cano

    Cano is younger then Kinsler and 10 months older the Pedroia. Nice bid though.
  12. Roberts vs. Cano

    What points, that you think range factor has something to do with a players range?(hint it doesn't) Nice of you to use it that way though. Watch Kinsler go to his left and let me know about his range. That kinsler is better because he leads off? Please. I bet Kinsler ends the year under .300 with 20 + errors, Tier 1 2nd baseman all the way. Put him on a team that does not play in texas and he would be lucky to hit his weight. Pedroia is a stud and is only 5'5", I will take him on my team over roberts and cano.
  13. Roberts vs. Cano

    It going to be great again this year when cano ends the year with better important numbers then these guys, even in Kinlser's career year.