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    imma hustla baaaby!
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  1. hottest exit tracks

    any1 wanna let me know some of the names of hot exit shit?
  2. vinyl 2night

    whats goin on there 2night....whos spinnin, dress code etc...
  3. exit question

    haha nah 4real no1 knows ?
  4. exit question

    i remember some1 said what they meant a while ago but i 4got...what does it mean when they flash or put on those little red lights all over tha place?
  5. favorite type of blunt??

    yea yo, vanilla dutchies are prolly tha best...or perhaps a green leaf...and i twist a mean L so whos down 4 this contest?
  6. they do put u on tha list cuz i get shit from them like every week
  7. i'm only 19 and im all about tha music... :bounce:
  8. is World a big place? how many floors?
  9. draper spinning

    :laugh: ur wild
  10. draper spinning

    yo, whether he spins vinyl or cd's , the man rips shit regardless...he keeps tha crowd movin and thats what matters. Plus he comes out with some sick tracks ...am i wrong?
  11. Exit Heads MUST READ

    i couldnt of said it better myself
  12. ID these lyrics please

    no clue, but your wild :laugh: :laugh:
  13. is exit closing for renovations?

    are you serious???? earth??? hmmm.... why are they changin their name? that shits fine the way it is
  14. I Need Advice!

    shit, i say u tell ur b/f , dump 'em, forget ur ex, and roll wit me nah 4real tho...u gotta tell em or it'll bother yoy as long as ur wit him...plus if it made u realize that u dont need him (your ex) , it was all 4 tha better. ya know? :heart: :bounce: