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  1. worst sex u ever had...why?

    Last night was the worst I've ever had. Why? 'Cause I was alone.
  2. re: the sex board meet up...ques.

    I don't know lipz,... I think more than half the folks on this board would like to hook up with someone and have some discrete fun.
  3. ok boys & girls... has anyone ever tried...

    I've been able to get all four of my fingers, upto the thumb inside of her. what's really funny is that when I do it, I don't even think she realises I'm doing it. Is it because my cock is so big she cant' tell the difference? Maybe my cock is just so big, she can't tell the difference.
  4. re: the sex board meet up...ques.

    Just curious. Being that this is a sex board and most of us hit on each other all the time,... is anyone thinking this may turn out to be a sex party? Or does anyone want it to be a sex party?
  5. so... who has screwed their...

    In high school, I had this huge crush on this women I used to see in the hallway almost everyday. Almost every time I saw her I got nervous and I would turn red every time she would look at me. She was so damn hot. One day I had to stay after school to see a counselor. Turns out the beautiful women in the hallway was my counselor. I was so nervous I couldn't keep still. After a while of listening to what ever she was talking about, my mind started to wonder. I began to think of bad things. Sexual things. I got a hard on and she was in clear view. I don't know if she saw it at this point. I went for my bag to cover my protruding thing but because of my movement, it just put my member in a more upright position. This time I know she saw it. What she did you will never believe. She calmly walked over to the door, closed it, and locked it. She came to me and took my arm and stood me up off the chair and began to kiss me. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. She unzipped me, pulled down my underwear and grabbed me like I've never been grabbed before. She went down on me and it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. Till this day, every time I think about it I get a hard on in less than a second. My two cents.
  6. Blondes or Brunnetts?

    I definetly prefer a brunnett. I go crazy for a brunneett. Hate the fake haired, solon colored blondes.
  7. I saw this on one of latin boards I hang at and thought it would make an interesting conversion here. Do you think open relationships are actually beneficial, especially when you`re not sure if you like the person or not?
  8. Ok, ...so everyone has there personal preference's and we all have our likes and dislikes. But one thing that I find really pathetic and obviously vain and ignorant is when a women jumps on the band wagon and claims to like one race just like every other girl. I'm 30 y/o old and although I'm not the greatest looking person and definitely not a playboy I can definitely say that I've had a great romance life. Now, thru all my times with dating I've had the privilege to date many women of different races and colors. Till this day, even though I've actually had the opportunity to experience it, I still can't say I like one race over the other. Every women I've met is still as beautiful and interesting to me no matter where she's from as the next. If I was to like one race of women over any other I would have to have a much better excuse than, they're cute. A person has a background and identity that's reflected onto them by where they're from and by the upbringing bestowed on to them by the land they are from, because of culture. This is what makes that person special, unique and interesting. Not because every other person thinks so, but because I think so. What amuses me the most about these women,... no... "GIRLS" that think this way is that most of them get played by the same ones they're crazy for. And it's very amusing when the guys tell me that no matter what they do to the girls they're with, the girls don't leave just because they like what they've made him out to be. We crack up on this all the time. Anyway, I could go on but I think the jist is there.

    I have. And I have pics to prove it too...but don't even ask 'cause you wont see them. She's a very lazy lay too.
  10. How should I try anal....??

    Definitely start with just a finger or two to get you to the point where you're ready for something larger. And when you are ready, take control and be on top. The last girl I did it with took control from the start and ended up really enjoying it. LUBE don't forget the LUBE.
  11. weeppaa..... I got some mo'

    ...check out this hot latin candy.
  12. does anyone have the link to the picture gallery??

    Thanks. Yeah, I see it's too late. Oh well...what the hell.
  13. *SnOwBaLLiNg: DoEs AnYbOdY aCtUaLLy Do ThAt*

  14. i think all the pics i'm posting are showing up there too. don't want to offend those that arent part of the sex board.
  15. CraZiesT place you had sex!!!!!

    HAHa...that's a great one.