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  1. I'm the New Girl, just saying hi

    Howdy new girl, I am new guy. I am quickly realizing this site kicks ass. See ya around.
  2. Liquids and Cream Pics Finally are up!!!

    Kick ass photos, keep them coming...
  3. Moving back to NY, need some advice...

    I am not sure if I should be offended or not.. But the answer is no I am not. I have a girlfriend...
  4. Moving back to NY, need some advice...

    Mikey: Thanks for the reply. Ive been reading the "user reviews" for those places you suggested, sounds like they are all off the hook...
  5. Hey I am 22 and I am moving back to NYC soon. I want to know what are some good clubs that are not too picky. And what are some good tips to follow in the NY club scene? Thanks