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  1. Moving to Astoria in two weeks. Saw a few places in my neighborhood, but haven't heard much about the nightlife. Are there any good places for house music etc? Liquid Lounge is arund the corner from me, anyone know anything about this place?
  2. heading to this one again. hopefully there wont be a monsoon like last year.
  3. CP Fantasy Football 2005-2006

    end of august is good. keep us updated commish
  4. Common

    Not sure if this was already discussed, as the album cam out a few months ago now. But i picked up Common's "Be" last week. Hasnt left my cd player yet. perfect album for the summer. Almost every beat is nasty.
  5. Nas' first response at 50

    i'm gonna have to go with ether on this one, even though i'm not really a fan of either and i'm positive nas will murder 50 on this one. jada also killed 50.
  6. CP Fantasy Football 2005-2006

    in -your mom's box
  7. Junior Vasquez

    so i dont get it. are the marathon sets over and is grandpa vasquez gonna need a nap after his opening set?
  8. whats the stroy with canal room? tough to get in? i really wanna catch Romero, missed him the last time.
  9. Black Jokes

    What do you call a black guy who flys a plane? ...a pilot. what are you a racist or something?
  10. Tenaglia or Deep Dish live?

    I'd hit up DT before he gets nailed down to a residency and isnt traveling as much. You know he's just gonna be droppin bombs all night.
  11. Track ID

    bingo, thanks a lot.
  12. Track ID

    pretty nasty track with a girl speaking over the beat...talking real dirty, keeps repeating at one point "your fucking me makes me bilingual." one for the kids, i know. i heard sheldon romero play it one night at disco.
  13. Any Disco reviews?

    crobar incident?
  14. Any Disco reviews?

    Wanted to see Vicious so bad but couldnt hack it after a rough saturday night. Anyone make it out? Whats he playing these days?