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  1. premiere???

    does anyone know anything about Premiere Nightclub ? the one in stamford and for fridays?? like how old is it to get in? if its 21 is it hard for underage to get in and dress code and all that good stuff...thanks!
  2. Picture Thread?

    thats not the one i meant haha thanks anyways! it was not a thread my bad...it was an actual link...it was done like months ago! can anyone help me out please
  3. Picture Thread?

    Does anyone have the link to the Clubplanet pictures??? it was posted a while ago. its through clubplanet. not like a post but a website with a lot of the members pics... thanks!
  4. fri night? exit or sf?

    Ok i think im gonna hit up Exit on friday bc i hear factory has been dead plus its more of a saturday night party and i heard exit has been pretty good so i hope it is this fri! we are celebrating my birthday!!!!!
  5. How Many Scorpios Do We Have On The Board?

    mine was nov 6th! finally 20 and all it does is remind me i have one more year !!
  6. today was my bday!

    i turned 20 today!!!
  7. fri night? exit or sf?

    ok i am not trying to start drama! lol but the thing is i havent been t exit in a while and rarely factory on a sat but this fri i am going out with friends gotta show them a good time and just want to have fun i want to know which place has better music and better crowd...will factory be dead??? things like that so if anyone has ever been to both places on a fri lately please let me knoiw what you think! thank you:)
  8. fri night? exit or sf?

    Which is better on fri night exit or sound factory???
  9. they found my car!!!!!!!

    im happy for you!!!!!!
  10. no i get great service with sprint...lately has been bad because they are updating their systems so is sucky but i have never had a problem and like the service and everything
  11. mine was mitsubishi turbo too! junior prom and then tunnel first places i dropped:)
  12. YOU need to answer this!

    wow i didnt realize how many peeps my age were up in here! 19 almost 20!
  13. First Club you went to...

    tunnel almost 16 my friends got me all raved out and i luved it and it opened my eyes up and i had sooooo much fun luved it and have never stopped since then almost 4 years now
  14. For All U Haters

    why you gotta be so hot and all your friends too yet soooooo far!!! not fair
  15. E joke

    hahahaha very funny i likes