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  1. scummy dj's

    81st between 1st and 2nd---currently residing in astoria, queens. and to the guy who says he knows me--i doubt it. im just fuckin around whatever. u people on here take shit so fuckin seriously. need to get a life. ill let u peeps go to go talk about getting cracked out and how jp was in a k hole and didnt match a beat right. and how all of u think ur dj's cause u own a set of turntables.
  2. scummy dj's

    fucking a dj for social status? if that was the case i wouldve fucked one people actually know. and as far as me not being good---yeah anyway. and trust me im not hurt. he had a small dick and could only go one round cause hes such a cokehead he couldnt get it up. awww impotence due to coke use----such a shame at such a young age. and it may be third gradish but i think its funny. reply all u want--im out--bye dumb clubnyc motherfuckers. ill only give props to the girl dj. see ya.
  3. scummy dj's

    ok first off..as far as me being a dj groupie...never have never will be. i never even heard of him when i first met him. a guy sitting there playing music doesnt impress me. actually nothing impresses me. and as far as me giving it up too soon....i knew the guy for almost a year...so whoever dissed me out...fuck off cause obviously u have no idea what youre talking about--i was just asking a simple question...and to the girl dj...good luck hun.
  4. scummy dj's

    i was just wondering if any other girls can relate to hooking up with dj's...lets take russ reign for instance....and then after they fuck u they never seem to talk to u again. odd isnt it?