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  1. Hey all... I'm going to NYC tomorrow night (Friday, 1/5/01), and I'll be representing a company at a fashion show at the Javits Center (see www.nepacena.com). I could probably round up 50 or so people from the show on Friday and Saturday nights... anyone (promoters, etc) who can hook us up with VIP's (myself and three people), with a discount for the other people in the group, and line privs for at least the 4 VIP's, I'd be glad to bring down a crew of money-spending fashion industry reps, models, etc... you can reach me at my e-mail ([email protected]) since I can check it from my mobile phone, or call me direct at 508-878-0048. We're heading down tomorrow morning, so anytime before 8pm would be cool... we need spots for Fri and Sat nights, but we'd like to spread the word tomorrow night , since the show actually starts on Saturday and people make plans in advance. Thanks, and hopefully we can make a spot a stack of free $$$. Peace, -Dan