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  1. Centro Fly...what the fuck

    I agree with you all. I don't think it will ever be as good. The remodel fucking sucks
  2. What's everyone doing/going for NYE??

    sullivan room only $30 with open bar till 12:00
  3. Las Vegas bound

    I would like some help from any one that knows Vegas. I'am leaving later this week,and would like to know what to check out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I would like to check out anything from Pangea to Factory. This is my first time there and looking for help. thanks
  4. Best smelling cologne!

    Dreamer and Hugo for men Gucci rush for women
  5. flow

    I went last month. It was alot of fun, but it can be very hard to get in.
  6. White Pants

    no fucking way
  7. Vanilla Coke

    very true 3rd to agree
  8. Team USA appreciation thread!!

    Just watched the game on the spanish channel. Don't know how to speak spanish but that game was great. I BELIEVE GO USA
  9. brazilian female soccer team

  10. What Kind Of Fetish Do You Have??

    i go crazy for my girl wearing women's shoes during sex.
  11. hot or not?

    10-3 looks like a dancer at flash dancers in time square
  12. ~~~***bump This Up Every Time U Have Sex***~~~

    still going bump;)
  13. what element are you...?

    41.7 water 33.5 fire 16.7 earth 8.3 air
  14. inter-racial dating

    I've been involved with a asian girl for the last 7 months. This is the first time I have ever dated dated some on out of my race for more then a night. All I can say is it has been fun and different then what I ever expected. Be open to new people.
  15. SF Review June 8 2002

    Factory was much better last summer.