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  1. What is your favorite motto?

    "Experience isnt what you've done, but what you do with what you've done."
  2. Pot or E...Which one will it be???

    Both are great seperate but uncomparable together.
  3. Tunnel last night

    This saturday was my first time back in over a year. It definately wasnt the tunnel it used to be. i got there at 12 with no line the place was empty. by 1 it got alot better. it looked like shit, didnt like the hiphop room upstairs. corbett rocked. rolled with some ferrari's and a J of hydro. and had an excellent time plus gave my girl the bone in the womens bathroom
  4. Some of the crazy places include the hospital room my girlfriend was in recovering from a collapsed lung. The hood of my stang, driving down the highway. and oh yeah the tunnel this saturday
  5. when was last time u got laid?

    Hows about 1 hour ago during my lunch break at work. went to my girls house, it was very unexpected though. got back to work half hour late. no one said shit. phat!!
  6. Please Read

    Sorry bro never had blue ones. i had white crowns which were real good specially whith K. and also white rolex which looks like a crown they were ok.
  7. Yo no club will ever match the legendary tunnel from a few years back. I havent been in a year but i'm checkin it out this sat. i let ya know how it is. Anyone remember the PAY TO PLAY room?? Story's??
  8. ******Temptation Island******

    EVERYONE READ Preludeboy said it right. Women are just evil.The know the right ways to fuck up a guys head. ps. sorry for sounding so angry. i really love women
  9. when was last time u got laid?

    About 5hours ago in the back of my stang. after leaving the club. smoked some dro. nothing like it.
  10. I'm curious........Head Count

    Cool. I thought i was the only "old" one at 24 still clubbin it. graduated college and checking this board everyday at work.
  11. black diamonds...can anyone give me info?

    You must go to school @J&W???
  12. black diamonds...can anyone give me info?

    Sorry girl never had em. never tried ferraris or bad boys??
  13. Can anyone give me info on how good or bad Ferrari's or Bad boys are?? by the way hows the tunnel been on saturdays??
  14. Bad boys or Ferraris

    Anyone ever had a Bad boy?? I have a choice of that or a Ferrari this weekend. Can anyone let me know whats better.
  15. Best "E" you've ever had????

    Yo does anyone remember the double dipped mitsubishi's from way back. nothing beat those, specially wit a little K. I also liked blinkers they were mello. Never take blue triangles, viagras, or some white pill that kept me up for two days i couldnt stop moving and made my chest hurt back i think it was a saturn or some shit.