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  1. Does anybody know what "e" is?

    did you know that no one has given a correct ans yet? BTW, its a letter in the alphabet. Also known as a vowel. Has a friend, the letter K. They like to hang out a lot.
  2. I'm selling a pair of wheels

    I dunno bout u, but I drive around pot holes..... j/k!
  3. I'm selling a pair of wheels

    lets see some pics, how much tread is left, and whats the offset.
  4. experiemental ways to take E

    Okay, I know you can eat them, snort them, plug them (eww...) and blah blah blah, but could I grind up a pill into a drink and drink it? would it work? not last as long?
  5. Exit haters listen up...

    NO! I want a club just like eXit! Where they charge insane prices, advertise talent that doesn't show up, and get molested by the security guards. They should call crobar eXit^3, or eXit^2+1. But what do I know... I'm cracked out....
  6. I must say, FUCKIN AMAZING! So much energy, the crowd was all different types, might have been a bit to crowded, but still good. BUT I must say that eXit fucks over great talent again. They didn't{/B] even let him finish.... his music stopped, so they could do this stupid hot body contest. I must say, I did see tittes and ass, but towards the end of it you can hear people yelling, put the music back. That good 30 mins of nothing KILLED EVERYONES ROLL. Then after that spiel they started with draper.... wow... thank God i left.
  7. Song ID from TALL PAUL

    He dropped a track with the lyrics from Nirvana's "lithum" ya know... "i'm so happy, cause today I found my friends, there in my head" Does anyone know that tittle? Or better yet, a WHOLE track listing from that fuckin awesome night.
  8. "1" or "one"

    I usually say "peace", or "later." I did use "see you in hell", "eat shit", and "FUCK OFF" but always got weird responses from everyone. Espically from the pastor of my church, that fruit.
  9. Asian girls (^_^)

    White, black, asian, spanish, brazilian, guamese, eskimos, people of easter island... WHATERVER, there all cool to me. But make sure there are no porkers, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I'm not in the mood to go hoggin.
  10. jonathan peters - Been Thru It????

    dj bevis eats ass of old men.... hahaha, sup pete
  11. Well grammer/ jr high skool food wasn't that bad. Sure the pizza or Ziti was a little on the crapy side, but you couldn't complain. Well if you did, not like things were gonna change. HS food was actually good, BBQ ribs sandwich, fries and a fountain soda... and all for like $4. I dunno about senior year, we would drive out to McD's or the mall to eat, or in my case smoke blunts and go to class high.
  12. hmm... this is a tough one, lemme see. "then i got high" - afroman "867-5309" - tommy tutone das it.... oh wait, can't forget "2 legit" - hammer
  13. Oakenfold

    He'll be at centro-fly on thursday
  14. another song ID

    yo djmikebugout, your right! It is Moments by Mindy K. Thanks a lot man, you don't know how long that song is been in my head with no title. thanks again
  15. another song ID

    This played around 1-1:30ish a roXy friday. It has a female vocal with a part of the refrain saying"love" but the word love is brought in and out, like somone is silencing it every other milisecond. Hope this is enough info...