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  1. nyc this friday?

    so it's my friend's 21st b-day tomorrow and we are taking a lil road trip from boston to nyc to celbrate properly. the original plan set ages ago was the hit centro-fly and i know max graham is there so that still sounds pretty good. we are also considering vinyl - i think tenaglia is there tomorrow night, right? anything else anyone can suggest? we have to get my friend carded for fun and hook him up with a few b-day drinks - he doesn't usually drink at all! if you have any reccomendations please post or pm me! thanks! -sahar
  2. reccomendations for fri and sat?

    hi ya'll, so i'm going to be in nyc those two nights with some friends from boston. what are fun club things going on to check out? seems like twilo is gone, limelight has lost it's liquor license, and i have no idea what other awful crackdowns have taken place since my last visit and i have been mia from this board for months so please toss a few suggestions my way. btw sat is my 23rd b-day - woo hoo! and i leave for ibiza on sunday . . . thanks much! -sahar
  3. Anything on the weekend of 4/28????????

    hell's ya! john digweed will spin at avalon on the 28th. is that big enough for ya or have you already seen'm too many times at twilo? lol.
  4. i hear ya msbobois! i was gonna fly in from boston and crash wit my best friend and make a weekend of it to see s&d. no sasha! that is awful about his ear, hope it doesn't effect his spinnin! get well soon, you'll be missed! guess i will have to wait to see him now. guess i could go on a road trip with some friend to the world of bass party in nyc now . . . but it's not the same.
  5. "Touch Me"--> who sings this awesome song??

    funny a friend of mine posted this same question on the SF board (boston thang). so i have compiled the answers posted for ya. hope it helps i got it off napster myself. so there seem to be 2 popular versions: 1)Ministry of Sound - Trance Nation 4 (Mixed by Ferry Corsten)_12. Rising Star - Touch Me (Darude Mix) 2)rising star aka armin van buuren and it just got a rerelease as touch me pt. 2 with an armin van buuren and a vincent de moor remix.
  6. A question for the ladies.....

    as sisqo said, "leave the thongs to the ladies." guys are far sexier in boxers or boxer briefs. i was with this one guy and he had these tight lil european briefs and they were fuschia and i nearly burst out laughing! i don't htink that's what you want someone to do when you are trying to get them turned out - SO DON'T SO IT!
  7. Timo Maas Friday

    oh you bet! i have been looking forward to it for a while! maybe people should try to meet up, though it'll be hectic for a boston club . . . . maybe something afterward? post yer opinions on this guys!
  8. Any scientists on the board?

    you do research and get paid jack shite! especially if it is academic, if you workk in industry it's a lil better . . . not much though. if ya want the benjamins - you go to grad school and get a PhD if taht's yer thang or you go to med school (that's my plan). or you sell out and work in computers or consulting or i-banking. why, may i ask?
  9. can someone give me some insomnia love

    man either you found some crazy drugs or your insomnia is intense. if you are really bored you can IM me on aol: orchid2096 hope you catch some zzzz soon
  10. how was josh wink?

    hi ya'll, i ended up having a more mellow evening at Hibernia last night, checking out Steve Porter - I wasn't disappointed. He lived up to the good things I had been hearing. But i ended up missing Josh Wink at Paradise and i was curious if anyone went? thanks
  11. hi, anyone know what time doors open?and what is the dress code?
  12. A survey question????

    well usually to bug out . . . but hey hook-ups happen, don't usually look for them. not anymore at least, in my naivete in the beginning the attention was cool but after a few bad experiences no thanks! i'll give out my number, if they really want to get to know me they can call and chat and maybe i'll hang out with them later. as for in the club now i am usually fending off those aforementioned assholes though i know if i ever have the urge for a booty call i can dress up, head out to a club, and pick some guy up - he he he
  13. twilo nye tix?

    hi - i am in boston now, but my friends and i want to go to Twilo on <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/newyearseve/">new year's eve</a> . can i get tix here or over the web? or is the only way to get them there in NYC?
  14. sweet dreams song?

    well i still haven't found it! but i got de-banned from napster using a program found on www.nappytools.com i had to uninstall (i already had done this), use their "de-ban" program, and then reinstall and register as a new user! yeah i am napster-capable again, woo hoo!
  15. sweet dreams song?

    so i was at a party in san francisco this summer and right when i was really getting my roll the dj spun this song that had the eurythmics sweet dreams in it and i went crazy! anyone know where i can find this? and unfortunately i got kicked off napster a while back for downloading a worthless song . . . please help.