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  1. I want to confess to you. I am not simply Bastardino, I am his alter ego. If he is going to exist with his radical views, then I should be allowed to exist with my radically positive views. My posts will be a testament to that I think my other half can be rehabilitated through love and caring. So to do the whole board a big service please don’t eradicate me like you would any other evil copy. Because I am not one. I am the consciousness that cries out with every word that is written my other half.
  2. B&T

    Cant we all just get along. B&T + City = LOVE Love & Peace, Bastardino
  3. u people are suck asses

    I am a bastard, but even I know how to spell r-e-t-a-r-d My mommy used to call me that all the time.
  4. Is it just me?

    People I want to join your wonderfully arranged get-togethers. Will you accept me into your sweet circle of friendship? Bastardino