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  1. ~If you/your lover was to role play ....

    Thanks ladies. I never really left, I just haven't been here for a while I'm glad to see all you sexy women are still hangin' out here. I'll have to drop by more often.
  2. ~If you/your lover was to role play ....

    I'd have my lover act like she was YOU, Starcapone But the vampire idea is awesome too. Role play doesn't do much for me, but I'd give that a try.
  3. Rafter just beat Agassi...

    I woke up at 2pm and they were playin' it on NBC. What the hell do I know, I thought it was live. Either way it still sucks that Rafter won ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  4. 5th set, he was down, but he came back to win I wanted Agassi to win ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  5. Oh yeah, it's on your way home As though you have anything better to do. You'd be there if it was in Bumblefuck, Egypt See you all there ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  6. what number are you?

    Elisha! Hey Baby No kiddin' "long time no post". Long time no see either. When're you gonna drag your sexy butt into the city? There's a meet up comin' up sometime soon. Are you goin to it? Email me. BAC ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  7. Jammy, James, Pooh... You guys are all a buncha lam'os. I'll hafta hold down the fort and represent club planet tonight. Of course, like jammy said, she has responsabilities. I wouldn't know anything about those kinds of things. Brian "PartySexSleepEat" ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  8. LL roll call>>>>>>Judge Jules

    Let's jus' go with behind the bar on the main floor at 2. I'll see you there. ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  9. What cartoon would you fuck?

    Yeah, how could I've forgotten Aeon Flux? Tenupa, def. Snow white. I guess while I'm at it, Cinderella too ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  10. What cartoon would you fuck?

    Yeah, I def. hit Holly Wood. Her real name's Kim Basinger. ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  11. Yum Yum great big fun! (add to jingle)

    I'm so glad that I licked your twat, Your cum on my face, what more could I want. Perhaps my cock deep your in throat, Just be careful babe, It might make you choke. ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  12. Do you need some one to cum tuck you in and give you a good night kiss, or two, or a good night orgasm ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  13. Who Wants To Be A Porn Star????

    Well, Private Nekkid and Corpral Hardon, drop and give me 20, cause I just became Seargent Cumalot ------------------ - Reverand Crossy
  14. What cartoon would you fuck?

    One more I forgot. That cute "big" woman in emiliep's sig. pic