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    up with tolerance for different styles in the clubs! there's a name for people who demand homoginization and it's fascism. fight fashion fascism even if it means we have to look at white gloves, shirtless boys, or whatever. we're all there to shake our asses so let's get back to that and forget petty judgements! ------------------ beatpusher.com (techno house trance events)
  2. Doc!? Pain and the Killers...

    hydrocodone is just codeine. you want something like percocet. ------------------ beatpusher.com (techno house trance events)
  3. Trance lovers cum to me

    platypus is one of those labels like moonshine that everyone credits with giving them their first exposures to e-music. you've gotta give them props for pure staying power and quality in an industry where labels come and go like ...oops i'm gone ------------------ beatpusher.com (techno house trance events)
  4. Free Party Culture

    word up flithy_Slag! you just hit the nail on the head. the reason that underground shit is not happening here is space. well, space combined with snobbery. you could throw a phat underground jammy-jam out in jersey or queens but who from NY would come? plus, you can't have a decent party at home cause everyone has neighbors. you're driven out into the clubs and bars and then everything revolves around the bottom line. i belong to a group of dj's and we've been struggling with this problem for a year with no solution yet. it seems like without the space, your party is always gonna be on someone else's terms. ------------------ beatpusher.com (techno house trance events)
  5. Free Party Culture

    yeah you are totally right. the money it costs to go to clubs today is symptomatic of a larger attitude in electronic music culture. people think they can buy their way into the scene and once enough people feel that way, the scene starts to orbit around the dollar-dollar bill. go out and get yourself some nice trainers and shiny pants, neck $60 worth of drugs, pay $35 to get into the club and hey-presto you're a real clubber. i think free parties are where it's at because there's more free exchange and free speech. there's no cookie cutter identity to be bought. nobody's trying to be more club, more rave, more whatever than anyone else. we're all in it together people so feel the vibe and smile at each other not just cause you're rolling your tits off but cause you're all dancing to the same beat. ------------------ beatpusher.com (techno house trance events)
  6. even though i'd be gunned for someone else to take over twilo so i could hear something other than progressive house on twilo's amazing sound system, it'd still bad for everyone if twilo closed. just one more shovel of dirt on the grave of NY clubbing. home must be nervous about coming to new york after seeing how clubs get treated here.
  7. Where do you get your flyers?

    can you guys help me out here? i'm a member of a dj collective (www.beatpusher.com) and i'm promoting our trance/tech/house night at a chinatown bar. where do you guys go to get flyers? please don't say at clubs cause my ass is not standing outside twilo handing out flyers at 8am. seriously, what places (clothing stores, record stores, ect..) do they have flyers at?
  8. Sonic Groove NYE party

    ok. did anyone go to sonic groove's party in williamsburg on new years? that fucking party singlehandedly lifted my (battered) hopes for the new york electronic dance music scene. for the first time in forever i felt like the night wasn't about fashion, about waving your hands at some stupid dj who's been deified beyond beatmatching, or about a bunch of high or even worse drunk assholes who wouldn't be on the dancefloor at all if it weren't for their lubricant of choice. no. that party was about techno, dancing, and togetherness. it was about the true heads getting together to share some BEAUTIFUL shit. on top of that it was a shining example of what can happen when experienced promoters and dj's get their heads together and throw an underground party that is well organized and BANGING. cheers to sonic groove for an awesome party and let's hope the new year brings them back into the scene cause new york needs a dose of the real shit!
  9. What's up w/ everyone bashing vocals lately?

    vocal trax can be the most transcendent point in a night. if the dj builds to it right, that vocal cutting through the mix can be the moment that makes you go "oh yeah-right here right now is where it's at". that said, i think vocals should be used like a spice. a whole night of even really good vocal tracks is just boring. give me some beats and some bass first.
  10. White Gloves @ Exit??

    jesus christ you people are so typical i mean if it's not racial slurs it's petty fashion judgements. you're so intent on pidgonholing everyone that you can't see that it's YOU who is the problem. guidos? i'm not italian but i can tell you that if it weren't for italians from long island brooklyn and new jersey the new york dance scene would be way worse than its admittedly lame status now. you'll never know what the vibe is all about if you go on this way. don't like faggots, guidos, ravers, or some other stupid name you have? don't go out. we won't miss you!
  11. i had much more fun listening to picotto's hard and admittedly funky house than i do listening to junior's progressive slop. THAT SAID, i would not have been at twilo at all on saturday had it not been anounced that paul johnson would be there playing his dirty-ass chicago house. he would have left all the regular clap-along twilo heads rubbing their asseholes and wondering if they had somehow been violated by the music. WHERE WAS PAUL JOHNSON??? i called friday and they confirmed that he'd be there. i stayed till 5:30 on saturday and then gave up. just another disappointment by twilo. well, at least i got to cream in my pants over the phazon sound system, bless its little computer-controlled heart.