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    ave maria pues!!!!!!!!!!
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    Honda's, racing n dancing like if nobody was peeking
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  1. Stillmatic

    Ether if for sure a response to jigga's takeover on the blueprint. Though jigga has dropped "super ugly"; which i though was kind of lamed out from nas original instrumental "get yourself a gun" and dre's "bad intentions". Even though he's been low profile; Nas is always out to prove that he's truly divine, the self proclaimed king of rap w/ ether; mad made me crunked!!!!! Jay z think he's the king; he's just fading way out; but i aint dissing.. i still dig his joints.. tu sabes.. PEACE OUT
  2. What's with the No Drama intended Crap?

    Didnt know i have to be so standarized to post up in here. I'll keep that in mind nino blablazo!!
  3. Asians Rule

    OH man!!!! I should be ashame of myself for those k-mart pants having a greater blue book value on the whip. Sorry i cant afford a bmw like you bro PEACE!!!!!!!!
  4. Asians Rule

    Cheesed out???? I dont think so, it's a style and a hobbie that i like in honda's. i could care less of what you think of it johnny boy.. one mind is a world. PEACE!!
  5. The mother fucking weekly F U post

    TRUE!!! My big F U goes to the Union County sherrif's dep. They gave me an extra day of slap's for being late on wednesday... hate them bacons!!!
  6. Asians Rule

    Dont go there w/ honda's bro; i got mad props for those decked out civic si. and wasa... if your sister just dig asian guys, then that's all good. I'm sorry she aint all that good looking to dig a spic (spanish people in control).... nuff said; no drama intended PEACE!
  7. what's the deal w/ some women asking for...

    To some people; they have a tendecy to believe everything/or something about their sign in terms of what it saids about themselves and as the same for compatibility. I respect for what they believe but i'm not the type to even think about someone for who they are because of their sign. Just plain ludicrous; by the way, i did got a good laugh of from it when she said that i took a tranquilizer, so i'm pretty much relax.. tu sabes PEACE!
  8. Asians Rule

    NO DOUBT.... asian do run exit.. that's why exit sucks!!!! well.. the hip hop vibe lounge is all ight to chill out though cant stand that dance floor full w/ asian. not that i dont like them(import freak myself); but them... cant yall at least not come together to meet up. it really makes a good night seems wacked PEACE!!!!
  9. your horoscope sign???? maybe they were astrology freaks or who knows what. i was at this latin bar in queens a couple of weeks ago. i was talking to this girl and we were having a nice flowing conversation. Then she asked me, what date i was born. i told her i was born in the 2nd of august, then out of the blue she's like that she couldnt talk to me. Her reason was because she was a scorpion and that she couldnt talk to leo's because they didnt go. then a few weeks later, i was chillin at tribecca's. and this girl that i was talking w/ said later on that she couldnt talk to me because she was a leo and leo w/ leo didnt go. What the fuck is that about??? what fault do i have in being born in such a date. but anyhow.. who in the world will ever understand women. specially the latin ones; they take no for little exceptions.
  10. Asians Rule

  11. jersey clubs

    Jimmy's in Morristown is crazy!!! the dance floor is as huge as my crib and the the women on the 80's room are hot!! right!!!! jersey all around sucks... time, music, crow.. but a few places though, are cool to keep it local. just need to get faded
  12. Its Official!!!!!!!!

    Muchacho........ Everclear should put you cache... tu sabes have fun this weekend..
  13. Copacabana

    I last heard that it was close..true?? was anticipating to take my lil sister out tomorrow for her 21 b-day. She's not into the club music vibe; more into the latin vibe. any other good place that you can think that i might take her to w/ the latin vibe?
  14. Today...............

    Look at the bright side; It's friday.... tu sabes Cant wait till those long island ice tea....jsss
  15. make me come (rob dale) - mixed by denny tsettos ride the trip - plasmic honey relentless - anthony acid~~~~~ tu sabes