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  1. Vinyl Sux

    If your like myself, and are used to going to a club on the same caliber as that of an Exit or Soundfactory, and want to try something new......DON'T GO TO CLUB VINYL! I went this last friday nite 8/17 and let me tell u all of the shitty aspects of this club. ONE - impossible to find, i searched around the village for almost an hour looking for the corner of Hudson and Hubert street where the club is located. TWO - DJ Danny T. doesnt like anything that glows or shines and because of this, Vinyl does not allow the use of strings, sticks, lights, etc, making the rave scene non-existant. THREE - Vinyl is about the size of the rooftop at Exit, and they will let anyone into this club. I saw a guy in joe boxars and a cut up, dirty wifebeater and duct boots. FOUR - Vinyl is one of the only clubs in the city that doesnt except Clubplanet.com guestlists, so i had to pay full price. In the end, i left after 20 minutes and with 20$ less in my pockets. Thankfully i went to the factory afterwards so my nite wasnt shot to shit. so once again, if ur lookin for a place to go, pass Vinyl by and dont look back.
  2. goin to miami 18+

    I'm headin down to Miami w./ some friends in a few days from NYC. I go clubbin all the time up there and am big on the house/rave scene. im only 19 and ive heard this may b a problem as far as bein able to hit up the better clubs down there. Can anyone please help me out and tell me what clubs of quality have 18+ nites and when they are. Thanx.
  3. where else but Exit

    Every time I go into NYC to go clubbing, I've always hit up Exit and have never been to any of the other clubs in the city. I figured because I dont go too often, I'd always go to Exit because its the biggest and what im used to. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what clubs are good to go to other than Exit for a person big on the club/rave scene, and what nites they're best to go to for 18+. thanx.