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  1. Myspace...

  2. Anyone have guestlist connections for Boris tonight at cielo?
  3. Hi, I'm here just tonight. I'm thinking about hitting up some bars early and then heading off to a club. I'm into house music. thanks for anyones help.
  4. Im selling 1 ticket for PVD face value

    Can you give me your e-mail and I'll e-mail you.
  5. Im selling 1 ticket for PVD face value

    I'm a goodlooking female, can I have the ticket.
  6. What time does this party start and end and do you know if there is parking in the area?
  7. 718 this sunday

    Wait where is this place and what are the details. Normally can't make it out on sundays but this week I think I can.
  8. 18+ parties suck!!!!!!

    I agree If I wanted to hang out with 12 yr olds that can't dress I would go to the playground. Roxy was so rough last night.
  9. I don't know what your all thinkin but I thought the Roxy was horrible last night. The crowd was so unbelievably roughed up and the music wasn't all that either. I heard better music in my car on the way there then at the club. Plus thank god that they are getting a new sound system. Atleast the place is big but to bad it was packed with people who probably couldn't get in anywhere else. They just let everyone in no matter what they were wearing. Have they ever heard of a door policy. I don't even know why I bothered to change out of my gym clothes. Anyway for all of you who loved it, good luck in the future. I'll be at Soundfactory.