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  1. Hi everyone, have a question

  2. Hi everyone, have a question

    Could you please recommend something good to do tonight? I have never been in Boston and I'm sort of going up there last minute. I've heard about Avalon - what's going on there? I'm looking for something Techno related, if not maybe some house. It doesn't have to be a big banging club either, a nice underground lounge would be great as well. Thanks in advance for your help! Renee
  3. extra BOO 6

    anyone want it? my friends trying to get rid of a couple - if ya live in queens or manhattan it will be easier to meet up to exchange
  4. Tsunami @ Shelter - TRANCEFORMATION

    hey you! just wanted to find you and tell you that it was awesome to see you and I thank you so much for your help with my coat in the morning. Did you just volunteer to do that out of the good of your heart? cuz that was mad cool! thanks again -renee
  5. Holy Bajesus!!!!

    We're going to try - Chuck is spinning tonight to but we'll try to make it after that!
  6. Holy Bajesus!!!!

    Spragga - I MOVED!!!!! we need to meet up for a blunt to celebrate dude!!!! Big P - it HAS been a long time - where the hell have you been hanging? drop me an email some time! anyone going to WMC?
  7. Holy Bajesus!!!!

    see!!!! it's me! exodust = neydogs neydogs=exodust you say tOmato I say tomAto i'm a crackpot today...excuse me
  8. My ass just fell asleep....

    I'll be at Plant!!!! lil' shmokey shmokey????
  9. My ass just fell asleep....

    maybe so..... Z - did chuck call you about that ya know? hey fucker -- you going out tonight?
  10. has this ever happend to anyone? it feels kind of cool actually *giggle*
  11. REGINA!~!!!!!! ANDY!!!! I miss you guys...where the hell have ya'll been lurking these days..?
  12. this is great....scrolling down thru all these names - I just got a warm fuzzy feeling....... *memories* I wish it could be like that again...
  13. I'm always around....lurking most the time -- if I can be honest -- I'm just usually not interested in the threads on this board....but I'm always checking in!
  14. Attn. Djjonstephan

    got a present for ya! http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=64312
  15. ALEX!!!! hahaha - see this is why I love this board - can't go two seconds without a cutie poppin up WHAT'S UP WISEASS?