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    are these both on thursday? where are they? I'd shout you if i see you, but i have no idea what you look like!
  2. hey... i've just stumbled into this site, its perfect as i'm in NYC from the UK this w/e. Lots of good info. However, i'm off to twilo on friday, and i need answers to a few questions that aren't likely to be posted on here directly. nobody seems to answer!! is anyone there to help!?!?

    i have no idea...but i'd love to know!! i'm in NY thurs/sun so am looking for things to do. Friday is twilo so i need to go and support the brit DJ's!! Apart from that i'd appreciate any recommendations on where to go to get pissed and have a laugh!!
  4. IBIZA

    homer is right. I'm from the uk and have been to Ibiza a few times. The club scene is *** INCREDIBLE *** but the island is also a beautiful place in its own right. There is plenty to entertain in San Antonio but the rewards are there for the more adventurous who travle around the island
  5. heard of this?

    Hi, I'm from England over here on vacation....crumbly pills are quite common to me, either due to the content (speed, k etc) or just 'cause they have been in some dealers pocket in a sweaty club all night!!