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  1. Sanford Wallace???

    i'm pretty sure the name sanford wallace is a character from candace bushnell's Sex and the City book, lol.
  2. Filter14 this weekend?

    hey melloduce...i just started working during the day at filter doing random shit, but it's a hopping place these days! Friday nights is Collective Undergound, they play underground house music...great scene, often gets crowded . Actually, tomorrow night Change of Heart is filming there- should be interesting! As a bad employee, I forget what is going on this Saturday. It's Melvin Moore's party, he won't be there this Sat though. I know it's house...I'll get back to ya on this one. Go, have fun, and feel the vibe! Also, go look at the reviews on citysearch...they are helpful.
  3. I've just received new info about Creamfields...

    I love the drama! Go Gravity!
  4. ATTN: Tribal

    dude, check your pm's. ~michelle ------------------
  5. Attn:rld2g

    check your email rah! ~michelle ------------------
  6. AreaOne Festival Jones Beach Meetup

    Hey tribal...Im michelle. Im in NYC, on the upper e. side, but im willing to meet, get driven, anywhere in the vicinity of manhattan. just me and another dude. lemme know! ------------------
  7. I would like to be sitting on the long stretch of beach in Negril, Jamaica, with a Pina Colada in one hand, a joint in the other...with my new man on my left and my ex on my right, LOL. heaven. ------------------
  8. AreaOne Festival Jones Beach Meetup

    i'll be there!!! anyone wanna give me and a friend a ride home??? i'll make the trek on the train out there, but the ride home aint gonna be fun. YAY- I am too psyched! ------------------
  9. Are you a true New Yorker?

    Well, if the FURNACE could get all his facts straight and in one place it might help... can't beat the venue though- it's amazing. ------------------
  10. No silly, I said my open bar was NOT sponsored by Jack...and I am so excited that I finally got to put a face to mugz! Jamms, cool to meet you too- I think this is the most I've posted since I joined! ------------------
  11. Summer birthdays! Who has em? :)

    august 3 baby...my 24th! ------------------
  12. leopard kicked my ass too- my pre-Leopard open bar was not sponsored by Jack Daniels, but it did it's job well. Nice to meet lots of you last night! michelle ------------------
  13. Attn: girls...make-up question!?!

    Studio Fix rocks! You can use it lightly for evening out skin tone (the way I use it) or use it heavier at night for a bit more coverage. ------------------
  14. SUMMER CLUBBING - - yay or nay

    Couldn't agree more...no more clubbing for me this summer! ------------------
  15. ever feel like your tripping when your not?

    I couldn't help but reply to this topic as someone who gets random sporadic dizzy spells a bit too often. Sometimes I end up fainting but usually it's just a strong light-headed feeling, dizzyness, short periods of blacking in and out...gone to the dr. for it many times and they always tell me Im "mildly anemic" (this has been happening for YEARS...way before my drug use). I've started to pay lots more attention and it seems like it always happens in a crowded subway or bar...my friends think Im claustrophobic because it happens when I have eaten or not. My advice: stay aware of these spells and make sure that if you feel very faint that you sit down! ------------------