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  1. Ex-con Exit bouncers

    How can you say that Twilo is WACK? Anyone that is truly into the music knows that Twilo brings in some of the best DJs in the world...not to mention their sound system! Where the hell are you from....JERSEY?!
  2. no night life

    Stuck in the old hometown for x-mas break~ NOTHING to do here besides lame college bars and frat parties...old friends here think a night out consists of drinking til' you pass out at 3...and forget techno...that's a foreign language!Can't wait to get back to "civilization"!
  3. scummy dj's

    Angelchild~ sweetheart,you need to open your eyes to the ways of this world... something tells me they're open,you just don't want to see it.This isn't a DJ thing,it's a LIFE thing. WHO actually WANTS something that comes easy???(no punn intended) Anything worthwhile in this world;power,respect,love...etc,take WORK,and if achieved any other way...they're UN-appreciated.