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  1. DJ Boris at Exit

    yo, to all u people that think boris is better than draper u can all go and get a life........draper will abuse boris ne night in a battle........therefore boris shall get a new residency and all u fans can follow!!!!!
  2. ??? 18+ New Years????

    Hey I know almost all venues this <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/newyearseve/">New Years </a> are 21& over, but can someone tell me where is the spot going to be this <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/newyearseve/">new years </a> for the 18+ crowd? I'm considering Limelight but, I dont know the dj's that well. And whattsup with everyone knocking Draper at Exit last Friday?? I thought his shit was on point! (well after the money dropped at least)
  3. SOUND FACTORY TONITE 18+ guestlist

    I love that fucking animation.. i'm just staring at it
  4. SOUND FACTORY TONITE 18+ guestlist

    Didn't they make it 21 and over now for fridays. For the "fashion" crowd. I dunno I could be wrong..im not a factory regular
  5. SOUND FACTORY TONITE 18+ guestlist

    Hey is this gonna be a weekly, thing since they took away friday nights?
  6. hey whats the price on exit this fri? I heard some rumors of some ridiculous amount..