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  1. need help with song id

    thanks, that songs brings back good memories @sf
  2. need help with song id

    been looking to download this song but don't know the name. goes a little something like: Everytime I close my eyes, i see your face anyone
  3. Where Would You Rather Be ??

    Nice to hear you love Floriday and the beaches. I moved to Hawaii and it has been the best move I ever did, 85 every day. Here is a look at what my beaches look like. It is true, Jersey summers kick ass, I'll be there July 7th for about 6 weeks then heading right back here. http://www.manelebayhotel.com/manele/
  4. Aloha, it's ironic you mention the name Kayla, she took me surfing for the first two times. She just moved here from Maui, and she is like a pro............first wave I finally got up on to ride without falling I wound up hitting her, she wasn't too happy but oh well:tongue: ALOHA:cool:
  5. No comaints after 3 months. Just started surfing, not as easy as it looks. Plan on going back East for my Birthday in early July for a couple of weeks, see ya down the shore????
  6. Hey Serg, glad to hear everything is going to Camp Fatima. Sounds great, too bad I can't attend.... Aloha:)
  7. Thanks Everyone I Hope Everyone Got In

    Hope everything went well and everyone had a great time. You better believe I had toast at 9:30 in Hawaii. I was in Lahanai, Maui at a bar and met 3 girls from Los Angleses and we toasted out Mai Tai's; they really do a number on you:D
  8. Hawaii is treating my just fine, thanks for asking. A little slow now that is just because of the island I am on, I call it Giligans islands but Lanai is real small and since it is a private island there are only two hotels here. But the views and sites are great. Be in Maui this weekend.
  9. That is NOT a problem, there is a 5 hours difference but I will make sure I have a Mai Tai in my hands at 9:30 Friday nite for you. Will probably be in Maui that day.
  10. Happy B-day Serg, would love to come but moved out to Hawaii 2 weeks ago. Will make sure to have a tropical drink in your name. Happy Birthday:D
  11. Aloha Javy

    Aloha Jav, thanks a million for those cd's. Keeping me straight and relaxed with the beats on the beaches of Lania. PM with your e-mail address so I can include you in some shit I'm sending to looma and just some shit I come across.
  12. Old Skoolers......just want to wish.....

    What up everyone, Emm, same here and to everyone. I know its been a while but just glad I'm not forgotten. I know I've some peeps out but for those who I have not I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.
  13. Check This!!!!! I Just Got Fired!!

    Sorry to hear that jav but fuck them, especially the way they went about it. What comes around goes around:mad: I might be joining you in about a month. I hope I don't get fired like that but I can smell the unemployment line.
  14. are you kidding me II

    ZIPPERHEAD:laugh: :laugh: Poor dude has all his team mates hating him, no one to talk too because he can't speak english. He's probably looking at the quickest way to end it completely:confused: Kind of feel bad for him, na, not really. Not a Yankee fan but I hope they win it;)