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  1. New Deborah Cox - Hex

    Well, she really cleaned up Phil Collins' Something Happened On The Way To Heaven a few months, ago, so maybe she can turn this one out too.
  2. Widelife - I dont want you

    My favorite is the Widelife Original Mix. It has the same drum loops and similar synths to their work with Thunderpuss on the Six Feet Under theme remix.
  3. Top 5

    There is no Thunderpuss mix to this song. Ariel - Woman In Love (Plasmic Honey Woman In Dub) BEST DUB EVER
  4. I'm so disappointed in this one. His mixshow edit was creative with the strings and bells, but the club mix might as well be One Good Reason.
  5. What song(s) do you hate?

    Sandstorm/Feel The Beat & Played Alive (The Bongo Song).
  6. Soluna-Monday Mi Amor (Thunderpuss)

    I'd say they worked on it around September - November 2000, because it sounds very similar to Stand Up / Lovin Is Really My Game. The Soluna album itself was released some time last July.
  7. Tweet Mix ???

    Norty Cotto (2 mixes) Liquid 360 (Tweet on crack... I like it though)
  8. Saturday 4 May 9:00pm EST

    ...it's been coded in mp3PRO so if you have this WinAmp plugin, the sound will be high quality.
  9. Saturday 4 May 9:00pm EST

    If you have nothing else to do and you're hanging out at home, go here and listen to the weekend mixshow. It's normally streamed through WURQ.com, but the site is changing a bit so I had to come and rake up some listeners elsewhere. hehe Mostly vocals, some old stuff, some newer stuff (although it was recorded last Wednesday so no brand new stuff). Check it out please. Josh </shameless plug>
  10. Thunderpuss

    I'm not sure they did the Celine. Rainy Dayz is decent... slows down like No More Drama, but is a bit more funky... again with a big ending. Their new Anastacia is going to be huge... they played it in South Beach last weekend.
  11. FAVE FEMALE DJ's!!

    Lydia Prim. Alyson Calagna. They put me through it on a regular basis.
  12. FAVE FEMALE DJ's!!

    oops -multipost-
  13. Charlotte Church (TPUSS)

    Just contributing to the fun of the thread. Just to clarify, however, I didn't ask for music... our tastes do not overlap. Thanks for remembering anyhow.
  14. Charlotte Church (TPUSS)

    You're beautiful and you smell like spring lilacs. Can I get a witness?