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  1. Yo whats up Plastic Face?

  2. Hello everyone .. If this thread does not make any sense to you then please move on .. otherwise .. read on .. It seems that I messed up on this place .. and I hurt someone that was so close to my heart .. some one i loved with all my heart .. no matter what happened between us .. I used to say that regardless of what other people do to you .. and regardless how they hurt you …. you should always be a better person … and forgive them ... and don’t fix a problem with another one .. but guess what .. I did the total opposite of that …. and so the result is that people saw me saying shit (coz I was hurt) ... and so assumed I am full of shit .. lunatic .. possessive .. threatening .. crazy … etc. etc. you name it .. I guess my problem is that sometimes what I think of ... I just spill out … without thinking .. thinking that this a free forum and people do that .. well that was a mistake .. Another problem I had was that .. I did put a lot of personal business on line without thinking .. acting on my emotions … another big mistake And no matter what happened between us and who is right or wrong .. I believe I owe u an apology would like to say this: KIM ... I am sorry I said shit on CP .. and sorry for all the stupid postings .. no matter what happened between us I had no right to post it on cp .. hope you can be happy in your life .. enjoy this place ..and all the clubbings you can have .. with all those wonderful friends you have ... who defend you .. regardless .. AND TO MAKE EVEYRONE HAPPY I AM OFFICIALLY QUITTING THIS FORUM (CP) .. I WILL NEVER POST ON THIS FORUM ANYMORE .. THIS WAY I WONT POST SHIT . I WONT SAY SHIT . AND I WONT HEAR SHIT .. If anyone wants to pm me .. for any comps I can help with or to say hi . or of course to curse me .. feel free to do so .. I might be reading my pms from time to time .. Good luck everyone .. have fun postings …. and take care of yourself Peace The MASK
  3. Carl Cox @ Crobar (18+!), Thurs 3/17

    the cleaner people hate bartenders coz of the napkins shit .. hehe ..
  4. Seven Tips for Staying Focused at Work

    yap . and that means we are all not focused on work .. nooooooooooooooooooo
  5. Carl Cox @ Crobar: ROLLCALL!!

  6. Seven Tips for Staying Focused at Work

    hahahaha . trueeeeeeeeee
  7. What went down at CROBAR

    haha .. how am i doing so far?
  8. Where do you work?

    dude... cretifications in the network world .. go some way man .. believe me .. of course along with some good experience ... but certs will get you some where . u just have to try .. and if u ever make the CCIE .. dammm kid .. u will be set .. coz in the whole world there are only few CCIE ... think about it .. and there are all those security certs that are great .. coz security is the hot new item for corp america these days (with the hacker attacks, viruses, ..etc.) so . think about it if it is not too late .. good luck kid
  9. What went down at CROBAR

    florida .. nice .. have fun dear .. and when u come back . u join the group . hehe .. pm me when u r back .. peace
  10. Lmfaorofllolomfshit..hahahahah

    the link .. doesnt work .. ?????
  11. What went down at CROBAR

    duda .. u r innnnn .. lemme know where u gona be next .. and we will tag team .. hehe next three stops ... cox, thursday ... sander k, fri .. and deep dish, sat .. wooo hoo .. u coming to any of those????
  12. Hello everyone .. i read this article and thought it was great .. so i wanted to share with everyone how to stay focused at work .. coz i know many of us get distracted one way or the other .. here it is ============START===================== It seems like "multitasking" is the name of the game in the business world, and most people tackle many projects at a time daily. Even if you are just working on one project, think about all of the other interruptions you handle. With all of the e-mails to answer, voice mails to check, pages to return and instant messages to reply to, it's a wonder how anyone gets any "real" work done! If you are starting to feel like you can't do quality work because you are always being interrupted, you probably need to learn how to focus during the work day. Here are seven ways to stay focused in a world of constant interruptions: 1. Create some "unavailable" time. It's great to be that person co-workers can come to with questions, but it can also keep you from getting your own work done. Give yourself some time to be unavailable. Close the door to your office and put up a "do not disturb" sign. Block out time on your schedule and let others know that you cannot be disturbed. If you work in an open space, go to a conference room where you won't be so easy to find or rearrange your desk so your back is to your co-workers. Put on a pair of headphones. Even if you don't listen to any music, wearing headphones can send a message that you are not available to talk. Finally, learn how to say no. You don't have to apologize or over-explain. Just let your co-workers know that you do not have the free time to help right now. Any good teammate will understand. 2. Resist the urge to read and reply. Are your friends and family sending you messages every hour? As tempting as it is to read all e-mails as they arrive, resist the urge and keep working. Set up a separate personal account and only check it at home. If you would rather have just one account, limit yourself to certain times of the day for reading personal messages, such as lunchtime. And get in the habit of automatically deleting junk messages. Trust us – the story is false, the deal is a hoax, and you will not have seven years of bad luck if you don't forward the message. 3. Turn off your instant messaging program. Instant messaging programs are extremely popular these days, but they can be a real focus-killer in the office. If you have an instant messaging program installed, set it to indicate that you are away or busy during the workday. Tell your friends you can't chat and that you will get in touch with them the "old-fashioned" way later – via the telephone. 4. Plan your phone time. Using the phone is necessary for most people, but there are ways to be more efficient with this business tool. First, plan important calls by writing down your key points and questions you need to ask. This will decrease the number of times you have to call people back. If you have caller ID, don't answer calls from unrecognizable numbers, and use your voice mail to screen your calls. That way you can call back those you need to at a better time. 5. Take a breather. Are you so frazzled that your head is spinning? If you have way too much going on, it will be impossible to focus. Take a few minutes away from your desk to clear your head and re-focus. Take a walk, stretch out, do some office yoga, or just sit with your eyes closed and breathe deeply for a few minutes. 6. Write it down. Sometimes you just need a visual reminder of your tasks to stay focused. Make a list, or several lists, to keep you on track. Put a dry-erase board next to your computer where you can periodically look up and see how you are progressing. This will keep you focused and give you a sense of accomplishment every time you cross an item off your list. 7. Get organized. It is much more difficult to stay focused when your desk is a cluttered catastrophe. Spend some time in the morning to clean up your work space. Keep important files close by and put old information away. Throw out things you don't need, and get the games, funny pictures and other time killers out of your immediate sight. This will free up the two hours you probably spend every day looking for files or searching for your favorite pen. Kate Lorenz is the article and advice editor for CareerBuilder.com. She researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues. Other writers contributed to this article. =============END======================
  13. What went down at CROBAR

    ok girl . u just made my crew .. wana hang out toughie .. hehe .. i need more ppl like u who can make space and fight for space .. coz i am too nice to push .. but i can use the space .. hehe
  14. What went down at CROBAR

    yap .. one girl stepped on my foot twice with her high heels and did not apologize ... and then another one stepped on the soom foot .. i was like . WTF .. no one is polite around here ..
  15. DT Review crobar

    thanks bluedragon .. lemme think . weird things happened ?? hmm . i can think of few . hehe was it the asian dude that insisted to buy me and the group $50 worth of drinks .. or was it the circle of 20 Korean girls all dancing around me .. dude . i was in heavan .. hehe . kidding ... or was it the weird circles we watched with amusement .. with lots of sound factory style dancers doing the shuffle thing .. hold on a second .. i know what u talking about .. hehehehe .. it WAS the STRIPPER girl that got on the bar and started dancing and getting tipped .. oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn ... second week we meet strippers .. hehe bluedragon .. in two days .. carl cox kid .. no way u r not coming .. peace the MASK