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  1. E on planes

    just act normal and don't worry...even in my long-haired tie-died deadhead days i was never searched going through an airport..and i was carrying candy... remember..they people doing baggage check are generally making barely over minimum wage and really don't care. Unless you meet a courier profile there is little chance any police will look twice at you. no one is going to be searched coming into miami from anywhere else in the us (why take mickey mouse with you when you're going to disneyland?) leaving miami, espcailly if you're going into an airport where the po has nothing better to do might be a different story. The po in miami are busy scrutinizing people coming in from latin america ie anyplace between columbia and the us. If you were coming back from rio or bogota, i'd expect a hardcore search. A direct flight from amsterdam might also be problematic. But continental us...relax
  2. vitamins?

    what do you mean by get back to normal? Are you trying to recover from a a brutal weekend or is this more long-term. st johns wort, sam-e even prozac and paxil take about 7-10 days to get to therapeutic levels. i've never taken 5htp...let alone the megadoses that people talk about on the board...so i'm not sure how long that takes to work.
  3. who thinks plugging is too disgusting?!

    this what you look like when the plugging doesn't work
  4. when sniffing do you

    for bumping, a credit card...preferably platinum.. lines, either a straw or a pen that's been cut to about 2 1/2 or 3 inches. bills are for emergencies only.
  5. where the bloody hell can i find...

    probably b/c the Dead don't exist anymore... i actually had this discussion with a friend about two weeks ago. I like tabs more than i like rolls, but haven't seen any in a couple of years. the main problem is that there's no money in tabs and the penalties are pretty hardcore. The raw material for the stuff ergotimate tanatrate (probably misspelled) is also about as easy to get as weapons grade plutonium and is pretty closely tracked by the gov. Its kinda funny in that when i was younger (and a deadhead) we used to call e "baby acid"...now that's all that's left.
  6. Sending E via mail? Is this safe?

    This is from an Illinois court case: The "drug package profile" consists of various criteria developed by the Postal Service which may indicate the presence of contraband. Those criteria are (1) heavy brown paper wrapping, (2) heavily taped seams, (3) handwritten address label, (4) sent from one individual to another, (5) mailed from a zip code different than the return address, and (6) a fictitious return address. I wouldn't think you'd have a problem...especially with just 2 pills. Pills are pretty difficult to detect. [the case above involved an lb of boomers]..but i've heard in the past of people somehow getting tagged by the post office for sheets of acid, which I'd think would be damn near undetectable if you mailed it in a book or the like. My personal way of handling this was to buy a junk book for like 25 or 50 cents and hollow it out to mail whatever. mailing rolls this way should no problem. Use a real address-just not yours--as the return address. If you really want to go to town make a fake label with a real bookstore as the return address.
  7. Great to meet the Chicago crew!

    I thought that this competition entailed staying up AND drinking like a fish. Otherwise, I don't see the challenge. (unless there was a "century club" or "case day" beforehand) I do have to work friday so I'd be drinking water only (which makes me a "nonstarter")
  8. Great to meet the Chicago crew!

    i think the idea is that the competition is one day...and the pay- off is another day. if this is next week, i may be willing to referee
  9. whos down for tall paul thursday???

    Geez, go away from the board a day and the ad hominem attacks begin.... also angelist doesn't spin at crobar anymore
  10. starting point for friday

    why do i feel like the redheaded stepchild here? where's the love? anyhow, if i hang out at this office with no AC any more I'm likely to be mistaken for a frenchman....so, like the fat kid in dodgeball, I AM OUT!
  11. Droool

    the 16th is the sat before thanksgiving...so fly down thurs or friday, go to this, hang out thru wednesday, come back wed night, then t-day (night off) and the next day is allegedly sasha & digweed here...not a bad week
  12. starting point for friday

    I'd suspect me too but I (1) don't smoke and (2) wasn't chewing gum two fridays ago (Saeed & Palash night) and that's the last time I was there. I think it was that cracked-out hooker B2B picked up in cabrini that did it myself.... But seriously...what's the deal tonight...the AC's busted in my office building so everyone's free to bail....i'm going to be leaving in the next 15-30 minutes and would like to have a clue (for a change)
  13. Droool

    looks like a good consolation prize for not making ibiza this year...have to look into how much $ this will cost. i'm tenatively there...
  14. The big fooking news!

    they tried to sell it on ebay, but the bidding only got to 75 or 80K, which was lower than the reserve (the minimum bid acceptable to TWILO) i guess they then got serious and did a private auction directed at clubs. i've gotta say that I'm impressed that a club would make that kind of capital investment in the current climate...
  15. The big fooking news!

    a good bit of the $1M. i'm guessing at least a 1/4 probably more.