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  1. whats up with the performance friday ??

    Luz Devina....? that would be kinda crazy..... IT might be past her bedtime though??
  2. Is this really going down friday? dive into the pool? Wasnt she there a while ago...and it sucked then... What a waste....Is Exit ever going to have a good performance? AUbrey wasnt bad two weeks ago but Why can't they get someone who's song hasnt been out for two years..... Saturday, Factory had Rockell perform for the underwear party and it was off the hook...why can't exit get somebody like that or even SUzanne Palmer something sorta new...
  3. Who else thinks DJ JUSTIN is getting a big head?

    i just read some of these posts....now i see where your coming from stiles but still no need to hate...... peace kid
  4. Who else thinks DJ JUSTIN is getting a big head?

    thats a wild statement.....but no need to hate ...the kid is doing his thing....and people are influenced by the DJ's they hear the most..I goto exit alot...never goto hear justin spin but the kid gets good feedback plus some of the songs that people say he played are stuff that draper hasnt...i dono about the kid getting a big head cuz i dont care about stuff like that..no need to be the personality police, ya know and thats what mad people do on this board....just rip people for what they do..but no need to do that especially if that was your only post on the board......but its cool to speak your mind.... cuz thats what im doing. "DEW DIS" "MUSIC IS MY DRUG"

    is it just me...i thought TO BE Able To Love was one of the spring break anthems
  6. What is your favorite all-time JP DUB

    Isnt there a new song out by nomad? thats what i thought he was talking about....
  7. B E S T B U I L D U P S ????

    haha...that song is so sick....but one song thats not on here....Into The Future..now that brings back some memories..
  8. What is your favorite all-time JP DUB

    Def agree that kelly price is one of the best.....but the nomad sounds very similar to i wonder..but its goods..Rockell is hot too..
  9. Draper @Club Deep

    Def agree with you on that.... i think the earliest he should come on is 2AM and thats still early
  10. If you went, tell me what you thought? Cuz i thought it was pretty bad....It was like i was at sweet 16 and that I was listening to KTU like a year ago. Good thing i went to limelite after to hear some decent music...that was the highlight of my nite.
  11. guest list for limelite tonight?

    also whats the dress code and who spins there?? thanx
  12. Summer Anthem?

    Def agree justin.....those tracks are good but dont have that extra in them; to make them anthems...i thought i was the only one thinking like that
  13. How old is it? Dress code, and who DJ's? thanx
  14. Over Rated DJ??????

    SPD... i was feelin what you said..... that wasnt towards you....and for the record...i dont hate on any DJ's cuz they are just doing their thing....Peters is no joke....but Draper is nice too...every DJ i think has their own characteristic that makes them who they are...
  15. Over Rated DJ??????

    Draper better then Peters? that is probably the dumbest thing of heard so far on this board... what the?