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  2. Do you stay friends with your Ex's?

    I don't stay friends with them, I mean I act civilized when I see them, but I don't stay friends, I mean I get jealous seeing my ex's with other guys. oh well...
  3. what happen to all the action

    sure mouse, if you say so...LOL
  4. what happen to all the action

    we all moved to www.inside-chicago.com
  5. Deejaying Live On The Internet

    no one reads this chicago board anymore. We have all moved to http://www.inside-chicago.com See you there...
  6. The Hot Spots in Chicago

    go to http://www.inside-chicago.com to find out what's hot and what's not. Everyone from this chicago board now post there. See you there.
  7. We Have moved......

    Go move to New York then, because a true Chicagoan would never utter those words.
  8. Coming to Boston soon.. attn: Bmitch

    Alright man, I think I found a flight in Mid October.. Let me know what's going on the weekend of October 19-21...
  9. We Have moved......

    leave it to some trick bitch from NY to come to chicago again. I see that yet another New Yorker can't stay away from Chicago... I see that you all wish you could be here, it's alright, don't cry.. I am sure New York will get some new clubs soon, meanwhile here in chicago our clubs stay open, and especially since we got your Phazon.... LOL
  10. We Have moved......

    Attention everyone... everyone from CP Chicago board have moved over to a new board... www.inside-chicago.com come check it out. I am plugging the site, last one out turn the lights off right???
  11. The official "Kim can hang" challenge..

    Well put Theodore.. Couldn't have said it better.
  12. The official "Kim can hang" challenge..

    the only cash we will be forking out is your hospital bill from partying too hard. You can't hang Kimberly. Chronic Fatigue and all, so just quit while you are ahead... You will have 4-5 drinks and you will be falling over. I guarantee it.
  13. whos down for tall paul thursday???

    I think Angelist spins more Breaks, Drum N Bass, Jungle and House a little more then progressive.
  14. Great to meet the Chicago crew!

    I have my money on the fact that she will sleep the whole day before this. There is no way you could hang if you get up at a normal hour on the day of this BET... Get ready to break out the Platinum card sweetie, because this is one expensive bet that you are about to lose.
  15. whos down for tall paul thursday???

    Angelist is a cutie blonde DJ that B2B has wet dreams about, she spins a lot of Breaks. Pretty damn good.