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  1. Hey, my friends and I are going to be in Vegas 7/17-7/22. We are looking to get a Cabana for the Rehab Pool party on 7/19. If someone could contact me if they have any kind of hook up or VIP service that can help us, it would greatly be appreciated. We are all staying at the Hard Rock, so we already will be there. Thank you, Jessica
  2. Phoenix Landing Boat Cruise:

  3. Banned from NCC

    True, very true!
  4. the buckman has arrived

    To bad you're too stupid to read the thread and realize it wasn't even me that rehashed this thread. And it's you're, as in you are not your....
  5. the buckman has arrived

    Thank you! You are a queen yourself!
  6. the buckman has arrived

    The funny thing is that you are so stupid that we aren't even talking about you.
  7. the buckman has arrived

    And BTW it's not princess, it's queen....
  8. the buckman has arrived

    Shut up geek, yes I called you a geek!
  9. the buckman has arrived

    Fuck you stupid! It was you that said you wrote that stuff, and yes you are fucking dork and no I won't get over myself because I am "the SHIT!" If you have a problem with what I just wrote you can come up and "try" to talk with me again, but I'll probably just ignore you like I did that night.... DORK!!!!!!!
  10. Justin Martin @ RISE 12/1

    Actually, he just plays darkbeat on loop for 6 hours straight, every once and while mixing a couple of vocals in. It's the sickness.....
  11. Have you ever lost your pants a club?

    He was walking around in his boxers, it was fucking classic! Mike was like "oh my there's Chris with no pants on", I didn't believe him until Mixwell confirmed..... Poor Chris.
  12. Request

    try: www.pinkisthenewblog.com
  13. OY!! That's not cool, what was your condition on Friday night? Today, let's just say I could probably curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. And that would be JUST fine.....
  14. new to town

    Looks like Stymie is board and doesn't have anything else he can talk about.... You just gotta love Scav....