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  1. Happy birthday Junketeer!!!

    Happy Birthday Lizard King!!
  2. So you think you've seen it all???

    Sam L. Jackson: I want you to go in that bag and find my wallet. John Travolta: Which one is it? Sam L. Jackson: It's the one that says 'bad motherfucker'. Pulp Fiction.
  3. Miami Heat 2006 Nba Champions!!!!

    where are all those haters?? lmfao!!!
  4. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    I like Tony's predictions. LMFAO!!!! Miami in 6!!!
  5. my thoughts exactly.. I think we'll make it to the Finals!!
  6. THE OFFICIAL I hate Rasheed Wallace Thread!

  7. Only one pair left: HOME GAME 1 ; SATURDAY 5/27: Seat location: section 410, row 6, seats 3-4 $170 takes the pair
  8. Hialeah Royal Language Academy Latest Up-dates!!!

    a few more: seqiuri = security guard compiura = computer draiver lais = driver's license espresguey = expressway
  9. Memorial Day At Shroomy Lounge??

    classic Funk!!
  10. of course my horse...but hurry up before they are all gone ;-)
  11. Lebron's game dissapeared on the second half is more like it. Pistons were good but not great. BTW, I have the following tix for sale if anybody is interested: HOME GAME 1: Seat location: section 419, row 9, seats 11-12 : $200 takes the pair Seat location: section 410, row 6, seats 3-4 $220 takes the pair HOME GAME 2: Seat location: section 416, row 9, seats 15-16 $200 takes the pair
  12. Seeking People That Need Rides To Or From Clubs

    please post resume with 10 references
  13. So what about Brickell

    tru dat!...this place has inexpensive drinks and the music was not that bad when I visited, lots of variety.
  14. Cinco De Mayo @ Rain

    was that flyer made with Printmaster? LMAO!!