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  1. Is anyone going to this event? I haven't posted in a while...It doesn't look like there is a sex forum anymore.
  2. visiting Chicago

    What is the best area of Chicago to stay in? I don't (know how to ) drive, so I want to be close to everything.
  3. visiting Chicago

    So it looks like I'm flying in right after the holidays and staying until the end of January. I'm sure I have a fabulous time. Even if I have to fly into the city not knowing a soul, I make friends easily. And if anyone wants to do a housing swap please let me know! I'd rather spend the money partying and shopping. Diesel, thanks for the hotel recommendtions. If the Four Seasons and the W in Chicago are anything like those in NYC ($300 - $600/night for a room), they are above my means.
  4. visiting Chicago

    Also, would anyone be interested in a housing swap? Your apartment in Chicago for my Upper West Side studio in Manhattan. Or can you recommed a good hotel in Chicago? I would rather not spend the money on a room, but if I'm going to stay in one, it's going to be a good one.
  5. visiting Chicago

    Hello I live in New York and I am visiting Chicago for a couple weeks in January. I've never been there before and don't know ANYONE in the city. I am hoping someone into the party scene can show me around. I hang with the elite party crowd in NY and am looking to hook up with similar people in Chicago. Can you get me past the ropes in Chicago's upscale nightclubs and private parties? I want to have a good time. My email is [email protected] Thanks!
  6. Gay Clubs

    Does your friend only enjoy himself at gay clubs? Pretty much all clubs in NY are gay friendly.
  7. Does anyone need a roommate?

    I'm trying to find something too. I will be looking at 2 apartments tomorrow, but if I don't see something I like, I will email you.
  8. question about living in LA

    Is it absolutely necessary to own a car in LA, or can I get around by taxi?
  9. I'm glad the crack board is gone

    Oh, STFU...I was just having a blonde moment. Since when is this "Drama" anyway?
  10. Q for the Ladies

  11. I'm glad the crack board is gone

    oops.... I thought the "substance" forum was replaced by this one, but I see it's still there. My mistake.
  12. ya its ovvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Jim, don't get ahead of yourself, I'll be dancing circles around YOU.
  13. ya its ovvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    This is hysterical and I'm not even drunk.
  14. Space question

    not my soul, just my dance moves
  15. Less negative energy on CP.