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  1. What Songs do you NEVER get tired of?

    Say you'll be there - Spice Girls Rule..
  2. Best music related film???

    Almost forgot 'Platoon' ...... Schoolboy error. Probably get buried for this but 'The Good the Bad and the Ugly' has some awesome pieces...
  3. Best music related film???

    Saturday Night Fever !!!!! Bee gee's rock.. well someone had to say it..
  4. Older women are much better at oral Sex, you have been told ! Make the most of this opportunity.
  5. Best music related film???

    Mobys stuff from the 5th Element was marvellous..
  6. what r u listening to?

    Sasha and Digweed - 'Communicate' - Oh yes..
  7. is it true that...

    I was told he was an hour late due to misplacing his records !
  8. question about area one

    Yup, around then.
  9. question about area one

    Moby doesn't come on until 10.30 ish and I'm not sure what time Oakie finished on Sunday, but maybe you'll be able to catch most of Mobys set as I think the Dance Tent ends earlier, though I'm not certain about this..
  10. question about area one

    If you stay in the main venue then you'll see all 3 , but you won't be able to go to the dance tent. I watched Incubus and then tried to head in to see Carl Cox, forget about it, I gave up and went back to watch Outkast. Simple fact is that if you want to see CC & Oakie you won't get to see any of the other acts as you are forced to stay in the dance tent.
  11. what r u listening to?

    Moved on to Seb Fontaine 'Prototype 4'. Nice !
  12. what r u listening to?

    Lazy Dog ..... Perfect for an afternoon surfing the net
  13. Lunatics and fat chicks, just the way I like it...
  14. Lunatics and Fat chicks .. Just the way I like it !
  15. Lunatics and Fat chicks .. Just the way I like it !