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  1. Miami Scene Dead?

    lesson learned: don't trust everything you hear on the travel channel...
  2. Peter Rauhofer @ Stereo

    seems like the location is stereo......
  3. Miami Scene Dead?

    yea i'm sure that kind of scene is everywhere to some degree because it earns serious money but.... Miami's nightlife seems to have some support from the community, the mayor supports the scene, the bars/clubs are open 24/7 and it has the WMC. The scene in NYC feels very persecuted with the clubs being shut down and the mayor being a dildo.....and for the most part, a total lack of vibe in NYC clubs save a few maybe I just hope shit's better down there cause i'm movin to miami...we'll see....
  4. Miami Scene Dead?

    sheeet, if you think miami is dead, don't come to NYC where parties get shut down, close early, and is mainly focused on the model/bottle crowd.....yawn
  5. It's been forever since i heard cleveland spin. He used to rock out factory's basement back in the day, same for sullivan room thursdays back in 02/03. He brings a great sound and vibe that ain't easy to find IMHO... Never been to gypsy tea for the after hours parties though. How's the space, sound, crowd? Cheers
  6. this sounds like a great party and the excuse i've needed to check out stereo...though i hear angel moraes "does-the-damn-thing" when he spins.... i'ma try and bring maria dark too if the bitch aint workin....
  7. Best drinks in ny

    Bella- Good call with Yuca Bar....they got great drinks and eats there....1/2 price drinks and tapas on tuesday till 8pm too.....
  8. i'm all over this....love the friday after hours, much better than saturday imho....
  9. everything is cyclical

    time has no beginning or end. it is cyclical, as is everything else...
  10. after yours...

    i'm definately hitting this up, these 3 can turn it......great people too...
  11. india's an amazing singer....merritt's the man too....i'm definitely gonna try and hit this up..
  12. did anyone make it? i'm kinda curious as to how the old man did....
  13. babylon's kiss images

    i'm bummed i missed the party....looked like everyone had a great time and I heard the music was off the hook, as usual.... rock on brother lunic...
  14. local NYC talent on the MOVE

    word!! big up to Lunic Freddy Valerio & Maria Dark best next-big-things IMHO...
  15. JP Halloween...

    woke up at 8am, stayed from 9 to noon(closing)...much later than i wanted to arrive. JP was playing hard tech, some synth-filled morning tech, some tech-house.....he didn't build the vibe or change it up as i remember him doing back in the day. I'm not a huge fan or a JP hater but he can do better than he did..... I've heard him do it. It's been over 3 years since i heard JP and he defintely didn't bring what he's capable of (i've heard him rock the place and i've heard him stink up the joint....same for most DJs you see a lot). Not that many people were dancing, there were a few circles (which aren't my bag), but it was always the same people dancing...there wasn't a great vibe in the place from my POV.. When the party ended people didn't seem to be really appreciative and/or upset the party was ending. The crowd was fairly sloppy but i've seen worse. That being said i had a fun time with the few familiar faces i saw...overall, it was OK...nothing amazing....