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  1. Space Con

    Unfortunately the invite I am referring to came enveloped in the mail to my home and specified that it was indeed an invitation for two allowing complimentary admission before midnight and like I said we allowed ample time. At no time were these invites recognized nor was there any effort made by staff to ensure that it was honored... quite the contrary as the effort was made to make it impossible to do so. Ocean Drive should be embarrassed to have put their name on the invite in conjunction with Space. We planned to attend the event because we had recieved the invitation and instead had our evening ruined as the result of what must be a greedy joke. Hope you all had a better experience... really thought you might want to know about this stunt and how Space once again struck out.
  2. Space Con

    Just out of curiosity... was everyone else who received an invitation to the grand re-opening party at space, that invited them and a guest to enjoy complimentary admission before midnight and an open bar 9-midnight pleased to show up way earlier than you ever would and stand in a line for two hours that did not move when the club was practically empty only to have the line miraculously begin flowing with ease at approximately 12:05. Hmm.... 'magine that. SPACE--- you absolutely outdid yourself on this one... as much as I believed you would pull a stunt like last night I still could not believe you actually did it and with such magnitude. I am personally insulted that I received an invitation to your shite club and was treated with such disrespect. Bottom line, if you are not willing to give anything, do not offer it in the future. It was because I received the invitation that we showed up at 10:30pm expecting to have the invite honored... instead you held the door purposely, then asked $40/head of those of us with the useless invites after we waited in line for 2 hours. Having waited in line that long we are committed to complying simply to not waste an entire evening. I would much rather have received an invite in the mail that stated "pvd, grand re-opening, space, oct12th, fuck you $40 end of storyā€¯ therefore would have shown up later, paid my money, and not stood in line like a fucking dolt holding an invite that might as well be monopoly money. I am completely appalled at how you conduct business and won't ever wonder why your venue will not receive respect from people in the industry and out. Your reputation definitely precedes you and if this is news to you or you do not know how bad it is I suggest you stop turning a blind eye and acknowledge that you run a dodgy operation. You publicly claim that you are trying to change your tune as far as customer service is concerned, however you lure these same customers under false pretenses. In addition to the above stated complaints- friends of ours who refused to comply returned in the a.m. to be told the cover was a reasonable $20 and that pvd would be spinning until 8am when in fact he was no where to be seen and Edgar v was well into his set. In conclusion you are crap, the renovation is crap and makes no sense (someone please explain the purpose of that mess) and as the saying goes "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"
  3. Whats going on for Halloween??

    dark drums sounds good, but i heard for everyone who wants to stay local that liquid's grand opening is halloween- i also heard that the production and goods for the night are wicked, but very hush hush. i have my ears peeled for more info so i will let everyone know.
  4. Mekka Postponed

    it is my understanding that due to major monetary problems- the miami portion of the tour has been completely cancelled.
  5. Space

    wouldn't that be a puddle of piss.... yep just looked in the mirror- it's a puddle of piss- not a pile
  6. feedback

    important question spacedud- if you do not have the power to do anything then why all the offers and empty promises- why the pm's. by the way- no one is asking you to change the world- these are simple requests for simple minds- you can't even make people feel welcome in your club, it is a service industry- to treat these people who you need to spend thier hard earned money with respect and not like lab rats. you people act like you are doing your customers a favor by treating them like complete shit- your reputaion sucks and don't think it won't catch up with you- actually it already has. go take a lesson from the other club on this board- seems like they can change the world in a day.
  7. Space...what Happened???

    oscar g is far from the only and the best or biggest selling or most recognized producer/dj in south florida and i believe you actually said the world over. musical tastes aside- george acosta- do even know how many cd's he sells or where he is on the charts- didn't think so- by the way george acosta is actually releasing the ministry of sound cd- and he isn't a recognized producer in the industry who launched his career with one of the biggest tracks? yeah right. and as far as name recognition alone- oscar is not even in the same league. then we have dj craze- have you ever heard of TIME magazine- well time just had a 50 best issue-- best novelist, best screenwriter, best movie star, best DJ which was miami's own CRAZE. enough said- this subject bores me.
  8. Whats wrong?

  9. Space: Are You Kidding Me?

    Guy- a good show? Come on Digital7, I actually thought you knew your music. He is a bad DJ- just plain BAD- as in the opposite of good on every level.

    i heard recently lola was closed

    Warren for late night after shadow would be a good idea except this whole kid capri hip hop convention style thing going on there. I think it might get nasty and not worth the finances. Anyone know anything about it?
  12. anyone know Haywood Ja.....????

    you need to send that to headlines on the tomight show with leno
  13. club planet-teer invite

    I heard Glaude play in DC and he is really banging and funky. Thanks Shadow
  14. Space Review / Saturday

    WARNING: Nick Warren is absolutely wicked- but not wicked enough to make me mingle with an excessively nasty crowd that night. You think Space is bad normally, watch what happens when you mix the normal Space crowd with the likes of the ghetto-licious Kid Capri crowd ala Zo's Summer Groove that night. Just a word of warning to all you guys. Why do you think it took Space so long to promote NW- they were trying to get out of it because of the prior engagment with Mr. Capri and Gang (take the gang part literally.
  15. Thx for suggestions .....more?

    Here's a suggestion... Stop trying to act like you actually give a shit after repeatedly treating customers like shit time and time again just because Shadow Lounge came on the board and got rave reviews for actually caring... and they at least show it. Put your money where your mouth is. Just an observation.