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  1. TRACK ID please helppp

    Oscar G played this at 960 in Hartford last night, It was a house track and the vocals in it go, "Go Down, Down to Motown" or something like that, and the breakdown of the track has a siren in it, anybody know?
  2. A Connecticut forum!

    It's about damn time CT gets some recognition
  3. what bout this shakira song...?

    Richie Santana? I liked his remix of Aaliyah's "More Than A Woman". Thunderpuss is definetley slacking off, I liked alot of their stuff to. I hope RS or Dezrok gets ahold of this track.
  4. Yeah, next time you type a message, get the dick out of your ass and type so we can understand you, jackass.
  5. Hmm.. I'm not a newbie, and I don't why my post number reseted, but that is beside the point. If someone asks a fucking question, chill out and answer it. If your gonna be a dick and talk shit, don't even post
  6. Also, half the population of DJ's likes to hear the track before they go out and put money down on a record. If your gonna hate, get the fuck off the board. He asked a simple question, and people like you who yell and scream at someone pisses me off.