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  1. Dave Hollands, Wolf + Lamb, Spinoza, Orion, Grimace, DJ Ripley and more at the party below... You are invited to: New Lost City : Revival : Saturday March 25th A night of vice, virtue and everything in between. 7pm to 7am @ 69 West 14th St. on the corner of 6th Ave., Manhattan Details: http://www.newlostcity.com On this night find nirvana with a kiss of liquor, a touch of beauty and the throb of intoxicating beats. This party is one part speakeasy and three parts soul stirring revival with sinners and saints, devils and divas, Reverends and revolutionaries shaking-ass and cleansing souls on the alter of beats and dance. This is how we save ourselves. This Saturday we are opening up three large rooms and a rooftop on an otherwise anonymous corner of Manhattan, one room of vice, one room of virtue and one room to celebrate the sins we share. Featuring: The infamous Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping at 8:30pm with live gospel from the choir backing stories from their recent nationwide tour converting consumers throughout the middle of America. [revbilly.com] Reverend Vince Anderson & the Love Choir is the originator and benevolent king of the grime gospel movement. The Rev is back from his European Tour with a revived spirit and exuberance that is guaranteed to make you scream Hallelujah. The first set is at 9:30pm. [reverendvince.com] God is My Copilot returns with a new twist on their queercore rock sound. Blending beats with new vocals on top of their classic sound, they've created an inspired music beyond anything they've created in their 15+ years of touring. After midnight you can't help but dance to breaks, house and intelligent techno from masters of the genre. A bit of lust, the salt of sweat and the love of groove will move you to amazing sound from: Dave Hollands - through his long career as a DJ and mood conductor, David Hollands has become world famous for doing what he does best: moving bodies and stimulating the mind. [ minimalwage.com ] Wolf + Lamb - The high priests of NYC intelligent techno made famous at the Marcy Hotel. [ wolflambmusic.com ] DJ Spinoza - One of the city's best loved DJ's, his beat shaker sound will move you past sunrise. [ klever.org ] DJ Ripley - Recently relocated to San Francisco, she returns for this night to move you to west coast influenced hip-hop and drum n' bass. DJ Grimace mixes up old-school hip-hop and electro graffiti culture into a mix that always pleases the crowd. Jimmy Jackson - Specializes in collecting eclectic and rarely heard music from around the world in the gamalon style. Plus: Winkel presents the harem for lost souls, a cozy lounge featuring hookas by Balk Tick and Hooka Mike, secret elixers and video projections. Chai Tea tent built by wandering Australians. Bring t-shirts and other printable things to be screen printed by the folks at Antimart.net. Roving belly-dance and world influenced spiritual ritual curated by Akim Funk Budha and costumes designed by C-Spot designs. This Saturday, bare your soul... For you, the Angels: Come dressed in your own idea of angelic beauty, of cherubic mischief, of the virgin you once were. For the good costumes we have free Angel Elixer: vanilla gelato mixed with vanilla vodka or Irish cream. For you the Devils: Come costumed in your visions of the scandalous, the sultry or the brilliantly corrupt. For this you drink free from the Elixer of Fire made with hard rum and flaming fruit. Only $9 with a ticket bought at: http://www.newlostcity.com These are electronic tickets. Print your ****** e-mail receipt and bring it to the door as proof of purchase. We will also have a list of ticket purchasers at the door in case you lose your receipt or don't have a printer. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail [email protected] Or $15 with an RSVP from http://www.newlostcity.com/rsvp.html $20 at the door for the stragglers. Where: 69 West 14th St. on the corner of 6th Ave., Manhattan Take the F or L train to 14th St. & 6th Ave. The location is on the North East corner under the scaffolding, behind the dark painted door. 7pm to 7am with performances starting at 8:30pm. Details: http://www.newlostcity.com
  2. [Note: Several more performers have been added including: Reverend Billy, Camea, Nova Clutch, Gaijin 55, and the Galaxy Girls. Details below.] 'Tis the season, when we have to act nice, But this night is naughty and filled with our vice. Sugar Rum Cherry With performance, presents and liquor galore a party of decadence, deviance and more... http://www.complacent.org/sugar Saturday, December 18th @ 530 6th Ave on the fourth and fifth floors. On the corner of 6th Ave. and 14th St. $10 if you bring mistletoe - $13 otherwise Santa/Elf costumes will be rewarded generously, Arrive after 9pm - stay through sunrise. Free Hard Cider before 10:30pm from Original Sin. In the room of Sugar: Turntablists and dj's wreck the wheels of steel If you can't feel these beats, you simply can't feel. In the room of Rum: Eggnog and Liquor and holiday fair drink without mercy and live with no care, (plus cozy plush places, hookahs and rumcake) In the room of Cherry: A room of red and music played live, In the room of cherry your mischief will thrive. Featuring performances by: DJ Doc Martin brings his infamous set of breakthrough house beats to move you. (Yes, this is the *Doc Martin*) Kat vs. Chrome in a battle of sex and beats with conscious hip-hop facing off against dirty breaks. Miko Wanderlust raises the sun with a two-hour tribal set guaranteed to whip your cream. God is My Copilot with celestial-avant-punk. (10pm) Reverend Billy preaching the word to all us heathens. (11pm) Laid back Brazilian lounge by Kudu (11:30pm) Gaijin a Go Go! intensely infectious 60's pop explosion (12am) Powerchords and dance rock from Nova Clutch (1am) And late night sounds from Ryan and Mike of The Madagascar Institute. (late) Body art (on you) by the Galaxy Girls. Plus, our generous and deviant Santa Clause with gifts (and groping) from Toys in Babeland. Twas December 18th and all through this town our heartbeats are thumping to the beat of our sound. With art and performance, and gifts full of glee For this night you rockstar, your mischief roams free. Full details and map: http://www.complacent.org/sugar All proceeds go to feed starving artists and political misfits. http://www.complacent.org
  3. Red Green Blue

    what: An immersive media landscape stretching accross twelve hours and two spaces in the Brooklyn art neighborhood of DUMBO. Dozens of provocatuers are working to build a unique experience: a night of music, drinks, spontanous performance and interactive art. where: Part 1: 6pm until Midnight At Smack Mellon Studios 56 Water St. Dumbo Brooklyn Part 2: Midnight until 6am At an 11,000sqft. former sugar factory Pearl and John St. Dumbo Brooklyn enter through the gates Full Details: http://www.complacent.org 212.866.9007 or 800.450.5456 Part 2: Intersection. Mixing and blurring the lines between pixels, creating our own media festival. Feauturing: masked soul convergence by Mellifluous and analogous artifice with Bio-Engine. Telivision piles and paint by Props. Plus, video projections shining truth and propaganda, visual arts from Amerikan Multiwerks, trash worship with Waste Zero and an autonomous dome built by the Ameoba Collective. Plus smart and dumb drinks and spontaneous surprises. Musical landscapes will include: Soul filling drum and bass from Swingsett and Lisa Shaw, beat inspirations by Saskai, jump up jungle from Arrow Chrome, deep dark house from DJ Fflood, dancehall from Jason Blackkat and a mixed beat live set from Gabino. Midnight to 6am at Pearl and John St, Dumbo Brooklyn. With an early morning sunrise ceremony watching the rays of light reflect off the skyline of Manhattan. Part 1: Dissection. Pulling apart the three colors that create pixels in television screens and computer monitors. A mixed media landscape built in the bowels of a former spice factory. Tall ceilings, cracked brick, exposed beams and our spectacle shining like a point of light from the soul of Dumbo Brooklyn. A red room with red walls, red wine and video projections shining over eclectic performances. A green room, with green installations and video screenings, full stories from the front lines of cultural revolution. A blue lounge with blue art and blue drinks from a blue bar. Experience: Soul shaking by the irreverent Reverend Billy and his 10 piece choir. A cross genre live media masterpiece of funk and movement with Akim Funk Buddha and Dha Fuzion (ethno funkestra circus.) Live jazz/funk beats from Simple Life with a special performance piece by Wen Deb Januszed. Walls will be draped with video art and projections from Rroom.org, Eve Bradford and Geo99 Garrison. Interactive art installations from Mary Walling Blackburn and Palmipsest. All culminating in a climax orchestrated by the Ransom Corp. featuring the musical machinations of Zemi 17. 6pm until Midnight at Smack Mellon Studios 56 Waters Street in Dumbo Brooklyn. With a free-form parade led by the Hungry March Band traveling at midnight to the second part of the event - Intersection.