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  1. Marco V and Rank 1 together?

    If you don't like Arc....don't go
  2. PVD @ Roxy

  3. ULTIMATE Las Vegas Club Review...

    Yeah Seven really sucked the night I went, although the music was better than I expected...
  4. Is WMC moving to Vegas?

    Unless it is NYC
  5. highly unlikely since the event is from 9 until 2am! I also heard 10 to 10:30 start of his set which makes sense since this would mean a 3:30 to 4 hrs. set.
  6. red bull suing Centro?!

    Yes they can.... If you order a coke and the restaurant only has pepsi, they are supposed to tell you... so actually you the customer can sue them too
  7. Based on his website his gig is officially cancelled.
  8. I know...I was really looking forward to this one!
  9. BT @ Webster Hall

    I would go if it wasn't at Webster Hall
  10. So rumor has it that Arc management is still trying to work things out with the Visa and immigration so Marco V can enter the country.... let's just keep our fingers crossed
  11. Pvd @ Hammerstien

    Armin is not spinning for 6 hours (unfortunately) on Oct 1. It's from 9 until 2am and he has Olivier Berge opening for him. So I would expect a 3hrs. set max.
  12. So I guess Marco V is not coming due to Visa problems... :mad: