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  1. Unity

    UNITY EVERY FRIDAY 11PM-6AM MAIN INFO LINE : 781-433-7107 NO DRESS CODE SO BE CREATIVE FRIDAY JULY 27 NICHOLAS BENNISON FROM AM RECORDINGS FLYING ALL THE WAY IN FROM LA WITH HIS PROGRESSIVE HOUSE & SLEEK DRIVING TRANCE ALSO ON THAT NIGHT IS JOHNNY FAME FROM PARK RAVE MADNESS THIS DJ & PROMOTER WHO IS BEHIND ALL THE MASSIVE EVENTS IN NYC IS GOING TO ENSURE THAT EVERY ONE IS BROUGHT TO THE NEXT LEVEL AUG 3RD NIGEL RICHARDS Globally recognized DJ, producer and entrepreneur behind the seminal Philadelphia-based 611 Records label and store,HE has been spreading his influence in the industry way beyond the turntables for the last 14 years. He is often quoted as one of the hardest working people in the industry and rocking crowds to new innovative sets of Techno House and House is one of his fortes. ALSO THAT NIGHT WE HAVE DJ RIP FROM UC MUSIC A TRUE PIONEER ON THE PRODUCTION END AS WELL AS THE PERFORMANCE END. 1999 UC MUSIC PRODUCER OF THE YEAR . THE WEEKLY RESIDENTS ARE RALPHIE ā€œCā€ ,SUSAN ESTheRA AKA LIL SUE, SCOACH AND WEEZ .
  2. UNITY

    Friday July 20th Grand Opening of UNITY Featuring the BACK IN MY LIFE with Alice DeeJays PRONTI and KALMANI. Two rooms with state of the art sound and lights, including a chill out room. Weekly residents Susan Esthera (www.djlilsue.com, www.cultureentertainment.com) Weez, Scoach, and last but nor least RALPHIE C. The only Club in Massachusetts with DOORS OPEN FROM 10pm UNTIL 8AM!!!! For more info 781-433-7107 www.pr-entertainment.com [This message has been edited by prproductions (edited 07-04-2001).]