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  1. I'm in bars, Lounges, and clubs 7 days a week.
  2. Boyfriends and strip clubs

    I cant speak for your man but, alot of guys belive Love is Love and Sex is Sex. They dont conect... Like your wife shouldn go down on you coase thats the mouth she kisses your kids with.
  3. anal sex

    posted 07-07-2001 04:59 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love anal sex actually, but the thing is not to many guys know to do it right =( ------------------ SHow me the right way... Im willing to learn
  4. my 1st X experience!!!!!!

    First time i tryed Ex Was about a year ego in Exit. It was 6 of us 4 guys and 2 girls... it was my second time in a club(first time was at Tunel, i didnt like it much). well im the kind of clena cut, wear a siute and tye to work kind of guy. I rearly dance... but about 45mins after i took it, i was on the floor jumping round like an energyser bunny on speed. the pill hit me at about 12:30am by 8:00am by crew wanted to leave, but i was like no way this is too much fun. to make a long story short it took the three of them to literaly drag me out of the club.
  5. This is a HARD one

    in your perspective whats the perfect piness size? Length... Gurth... I seen this urticle... they did reaserch and foung that the average males pines size is 5.25"... WHat do you think?
  6. Anyone in love?

    Love is over rated! It’s no different than consuming large amounts of chocolate...
  7. ok. tell me this:

    I go for White girls(european)... Tall, Blond, atitude a must.
  8. Blonds, Brunettes, Redheads???

    Who do you prefer? Blonds Brunettes Redheads In your opinion Whos the wildest in bed? Why? Does hair collor make a difference to you if so Why? Personaly... Blonds Redheads... Past experience Yes. Blonds most of then just have a bich look to them that just drives me wild. How about U
  9. Can you use someone for sex for .......

    yeas we can I mean if the sex is good and no feelings are involves but bouth parties are still doing it.... wait a minute theirs a term for it... its BOOTY CALL
  10. what does it mean...

    He just wants you to be able to take care of yourself when the unthinkable happens. In the process if you happen to lose a bound or 2 why complain. You want us to be interested in the things you enjoy, why not you... Beside you 2 will spend more time with each other, isn’t it what every woman wants???
  11. question for the guys

    34B-24-34 Ts: nice and round, firm, small areola. Ass: nice and firm, round, no strech marks or dimples(Cottage cheese), NO HAIR!!!
  12. Animal Porn

    If i'd Find out that some prick was trying to fuck my pets, i woud cut that cock suckets balls and dick off, i'd feed the balls to the dogs and shuve his cock up his ass it would give him agida. what do you tink the answer is?
  13. For everyone.

    Ufter she went down on me she tryed kissing me with her mouth full cum... so i through her of the bed and told her to get out of my house. If i wanted to taste it i'd be gay. (not that theirs anything wrong with that
  14. Vigorous sex in the morning? Or slow and soft?

    The best thing in the morning is when you open your eyes and see your hard cock in that butiful blonds mouth you know... the one you took home from Exit. She looks up at you with those gorgeous ice blue eyes, smiles, and then starts to deep throat you shit. After you're done you, lay here down on her back, spread those butiful long legs wide and bury your face in her cleanly shaven peach. And after she squirts that delicious juice all over your face, you help her in to the shower and fuck here till she begs for mercy That’s what I tink.
  15. Why isn't Exit in any trouble???

    they dont get fucked with cuz they pay off the right people think about it..... casue they pay the man and the others dont Im wich yous two mugs O'l Peter G. found the right "friends" to look out for his best interest