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  1. Where are all the LIBRAs

    im a libra....oct. 16.....about 15 more min.s left....hehe nothing to do on a tues w/ work tomorrow and all but i did have fun last weekend and will this weekend....LIBRAS ARE THE BEST!!! theres just something about october!! :) :) :) im 22 nothing exciting too much w/ that age...
  2. Brain Damage!

    that sux...i do get alot of headaches....
  3. Is anybody gonna watch Jay and silent

    i think it looks pretty dumb.....
  4. who goes to clubs or raves.....

    i am scared to go myself....once i get in if i am by myself for a while and meet people im ok
  5. "Was I Wrong"??

    nope....i actually would do the same thing prob.... not saying its the right thing to do but i have spilled my drink on a few people before... :D
  6. The Tunnel

    that sux.....i didnt know it would be closed 4 ever...i wanted to go at least one more time... :(
  7. Impulse Buying.....

    yep thats me.....always spending on shit i dont really need at the moment......that why i learned only to carry a certain amount of money on me
  8. Bartenders in clubs

    i was talking to a bartender in exit....vasquez is bringing male bartenders w/ him there...i guess she said cause they think all the girls are bithces or something
  9. Casual or hooched up dressed females?

    as a female.....i like to look good and be comfortable.....so in the summer i'll wear shorts and a cute top....maybe my white sneakers or sandals, whatever i want for that night...in winter pants and a hot top.......what people wear is their own preference but i hate to see big girls wearing lil nasty underwear like shorts w/ belly shirts walking around sticking everything out thats nasty.....why cant they cover themselves nicely.....even thin girls why go that low???
  10. Black hair or blond hair

    wht choose someone whos fake....sooo fake pamela is one of the fakest people....looks nasty w/ no make-up, all worn out....there are so many actresses blonde or brunette who are at least real and pretty
  11. Black hair or blond hair

    im very happy w/ my brunette hair and crystal blue eyes!! wouldnt you be?
  12. those fuckin old people....

    old drivers are always cutting it a bit close to cause accidents!!!
  13. this is just annoying

    i have to agree....muscleheads arent my thing...a little muscle is ok but not when you are walking all funny w/ your arms out to the side cause your so big.....
  14. why do we need to be so mean??? :confused: