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  1. side effects of k ?

    I dont know if it's from K, but after heavy usage I notice that I breakout in pimples....
  2. introducing myself

    Do these names sound familiar... Bridget Regan and Lauren Sullivan... they both went to St. Anthony's...
  3. Female DJs

    spacegirl kicks some a$$ and i do like sandra collins although i've not seen her live yet...
  4. introducing myself

    LOL superfli!! You know exactly how I feel... I saw my room yesterday.. 506 guilford, its so nice! It's 6 of us, 4 NYers, 1 mass girl, and me Can't wait to go back and yet Im so not looking forward to class...
  5. introducing myself

    Ahhh!! Vixen you are from huntington? Two of my roommates are from there... I go to Loyola college in b-more and everyone that goes there is from NY and esp from LI... me, Im just a maryland-er but I love NYers... seriously, I feel like i am one from living with 3 of em for months... anyways just thought it was cool that you lived there and they lived there and uhhh... ya know? Im a nerd what can i say... hahahhaa and Im bored as shit at work!
  6. anyone else?....

    i know man... when i roll its no longer euphoric for me... im just physically fucked up... AACKK! No more for me please!
  7. anyone else?....

    ...sick of rolling? guess i just do it too damn much anyways im thinking of tripping balls this weekend... maybe just getting piss-ass drunk... who knows!
  8. who thinks plugging is too disgusting?!

    I dont think putting it up your kitty works... the reason plugging works is because your anus is a sinus cavity.. but hey you never know!
  9. alcohol and E ???? help!!

    personally i like to drink a few beers before i get to the club, then when im good and buzzed i drop and then after i come down i drink some more beers and smoke some bud and then i pass out! But everyone is different and so try it out and if its not for you, then just do one or the other... as for it being bad for you... well none of this shit is really GOOD ya know what i mean?? hehehe:tongue:
  10. who thinks plugging is too disgusting?!

    cuz i told my bf i was thinkin of trying it and he bugged out on me.... SO DID MINE!! :(
  11. Is it true?

    ok folks now i know this is a DC board but i was just wondering if anyone else had heard about limelight in NY closing? Also i hear Tunnel is being auctioned off... not that those clubs compared to Twilo but still, lets not complain about the DC scene sucking at least we dont have to worry about our clubs being taken away... BTW how's everyone? I havent posted in a while... im hung over as shit... got into it with my boyfriend last night... great! fun fun fun... today is going to suck
  12. Bad Reactions to

    SOunds like panic attacks to me... happens when you get all paranoid and shit... and yes it's happened to me too....
  13. best pills out right now?

    The best ones I 've had in the past month are igloos, snowcaps, and omegas...
  14. question for all you X-perts

    ok im just wondering... what is mollie?? I've seen tiny little pills that someone told me were mollie, i've seen big ass white pills called mollie and then i've seen powder called mollie... WTF?? Im confused... someone clarify for a dumbass hehehe....
  15. Verdict on Feelgood @ Buzz, 8-3-01

    Well my girls and I went to Buzz... I was meeting my boyfriend there... when we got there we were all drunk as shit and then i saw my boyfriend all over another girl (or so I thought) it turned out to be a good friend of his and mine that he'd never "do anything" with... I was just wasted and I BUGGED OUT... so then I was just wandering around, found a pill and I dont really remember much after that... sometimes I just gotta say F*** E!! I think i've just been rollin way too much... who knows... but I really didnt enjoy buzz...