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  1. Ultra Lineup.............

    Honestly Underworld and RITM are well worth the 50 bucks. and add all the Xtra's hybrid Live PA, Junkie XL live PA seems pretty interesting, i've never heard Sasha and Digweed live so that's gonna be new to me, plus several others.
  2. Renting For Ultra?!?!?!?!?!

    Last year, a friend from Georgia, my cousin and i went to ultra we got there at 2:30. and we actually left bayfront like at 2:00 then we headed to the beach, to chill and walk around. Considering that my cousin and friend had been rolling during the day and i had been drinking, we made it home at around 700 am it was no big deal. If you're planning to get trashed the whole day at ultra go for it. And by the way my cousin lives in West Kendall also and it was no big deal dropping him off.
  3. Renting For Ultra?!?!?!?!?!

    ultra isn't a good thing to rent for. if u where doing more WMC events that would be great. if u go to ultra u can headout to the beach to some parties and then just headhome when you're done.
  4. <<<tyler Stadius @ Maze>>>

    What type of open bar? any drink or just vodka drinks? or....?
  5. <<<tyler Stadius @ Maze>>>

    It's nice to see all this support for Tyler but hopefully is not like when him and jay tripwire came down that everyone was all hyped up about it, but no one ended up showing up except like 15 of us
  6. The New Club Space

    isn't that what people do at the beach during WMC
  7. ? for you techies

    doesn't DOS have a help ? command or something? also u can try and find it in google.com if it's not there
  8. hahaha i know the guy that recorded that
  9. dj three @ maze this valantine's day

    is there a list anywhere for this event?
  10. DELL Dude busted for weed possesion

    hahaha that's why you gotta keep on buying it from people that u know.
  11. Paolo Mojo at Club Maze

    Like Barbie i would love to know what was all that drama at Maze. It kinda sad that we have a BADASS DJ, and he is thrown off the deck. I seriously would not want to come back if that ever happened to me.
  12. Proton Sessions Miami: WMC 2003 Edition

  13. Underworld confirmed for ULTRA !

    MMMM Underworld. Only reason i'm going to ultra this year!!!! and a lot of people would agree with me also.
  14. Attention Mr.tree!!!

    I want a decoder ring!!! i lost the one that u get from drinking ovaltine, that you use to decode the secret codes from the little orphan anny Radio show. Well and a badge i can careless for i could buy one anywhere.
  15. Attention Mr.tree!!!

    YEAH! thought so! i was wondering who was dumb enough to actually give me some responsabilities! i was weirded out.