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    Hey, how are ya'll? Not much of a MB poster but I'm damn bored and started readin through these and thought I'd give my first hand experiance. Coke. Ah, darling Coke. I have to agree, Coke is bad, BAD stuff in many ways. Its also total horseshit that you get addicted from using it once. But if you believe teh placebo can be just as bad. I find and have found Coke to be very habit forming and truthfully I will not have any contact with any source of Coke. I have an addictive personality and it is pretty easy to flush your life down the toilet with a decent Coke habit. When your nose is pouring blood and hurts like 9 types of hell but you STILL are chopping just ONE MORE line... well, I'd probably take stock. Maybe in the country away from all contacts and Coke. But to play Devil's Advocate Coke is also probably the best drug I've ever used, and I guess I've used almost all of them to one degree or another. I've never considered Coke an ends (Like E or A), rather it is a great way to enhance/prolong a great night out. What I've always found to be great is you are awake, aware but not really messed up. You can still socialize and have fun. Plus the positive glow it gives you is great. Downside is whatever good you get you gota give back, you ALWAYS pay back the good parts with pain and anguish. Not too dissimilar to booze, another drug that can get to be ugly. Gee, I do fuckin ramble... If you made it this far and have never done Coke I'd say try it once, or twice. Never buy more than you can use in a night. For me the habit started from using nightly. Then around 5-6:00pm the next day I'm grumpy and just wanna go home. I never thought about the lines at first but they always came. Then I'd be happy and out havin beers but no sleep for at least 4 hours after my last line. So I'd go to bed way late, show up at work on 2-3 hours sleep and start the process again. If it wasn't for my job and how important it is to me I doubt I would have broken the cycle yet. ANYWAY! From first hand experiance I'll say that it can control your life if you let it but how can we leave any experance untried?? Just be careful, people do get broken and there simply are no hard and fast rules. Clean (of Coke) for 13 months and counting.