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  1. You are just a pussy that does not have enough balls to say anything to rydell face to face!!! And no I am not a spokes person for rydell/merge. I just can't stand stupid people. Everyone has there own opinion and is that is fine, but you don't bash people personally!! That is wrong.. As I can tell you do know Rydell on a personal level so be a man and say something to him.. not clubnyc... Get a life and get over yourself.. this board is about music.. stop being a little baby and talk about the music..
  2. Ok Jersey77 if you have a problem with richie personnaly then take that up with him face to face. You must have no guts to start talking shit about him on clubnyc. And saleen I understand where you are coming from, but Rydell does have a name for himself in North Jersey and the city. He has held a spot at Cheetah for over a year and the place is always packed!! The best I can tell you is to check him out tonight at merge. If you don't like thim than fine, but the place should packed. You really shouldn't start talking about people unless you have heard them play! North jersey and South jersey are two totaly different places!! To be honest a lot of north jersey people do have shore houses and would love to hear that sound down the shore.. The problem with Merge is that they got off on the wrong foot and now people don't want to try give it another chance!! Merge really didn't promote last friday so lets see what tonight brings!! All I have to say that It never hurts to try something once!! [This message has been edited by rkr02 (edited 07-06-2001).]
  3. Ok Jersey77 are you personal friends with Rydell?? If not then how in the hell would you know if he was talking shit about temps? This drama is stupid,if you don't like the way he plays then fine, every one has there own opinion but to bash him personally is way out of line. Just go where you want down the shore and shut the fuck up already!!! And Saleem go and shop some where else cause Mondo does enough business with out you!!